Get MORE out of your Life Safety & Security Testing and Certification Partner

Whether you make fire, security, or personal protective equipment, you deserve MORE from your testing and certification partner and we give you just that. With Intertek, you get MORE market access across the globe, time for your products on the shelves with the fastest to market, and innovative solutions from your partner. With Intertek, you get MORE of a choice - something you deserve.

Product Certification & Certification Marks
Choose a certification program that delivers choice, innovation, partnership, and speed to complement your evolving certification needs.

Alarms, Detectors, and Control Testing
Deliver your products to market quickly with testing and certification to more than 1,000 ANSI, UL, CSA, ASTM, NFPA, IEC and other standards around the world.

Personal Protective Equipment
Testing and certification for everything from athletic equipment to hazmat suits, thermal imaging devices to breathing apparatuses, firefighting gear to PASS devices, and much more.

Associations & Partnerships
As an organization committed to being involved, we partner with a number of organizations within the Life Safety & Security industry.

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