Certifying and Listing Monitoring Centers for The Monitoring Association (TMA)

The Monitoring Association (TMA) is a non-profit trade association for companies that provide monitoring services for security and life safety systems. TMA was formerly known as the Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA) and was founded in 1950. The organization changed its name to The Monitoring Association in 2017 to better reflect its mission and the services provided by its members.

TMA's mission is to advance the professional monitoring industry through education, advocacy, and standards development. The association provides its members with resources and support to help them deliver high-quality monitoring services to their customers. TMA also works to promote the value of professional monitoring to the public and policymakers.

TMA members include monitoring companies, equipment manufacturers, and service providers. The association has developed standards for monitoring centers and certification programs for monitoring personnel. TMA also conducts research and analysis on industry trends and issues, and works with government agencies and industry stakeholders to develop policies and regulations that promote the interests of the monitoring industry and its customers.

Intertek's Partnership with The Monitoring Association (TMA)

Intertek has long been a proud associate member of The Monitoring Association (TMA) and a supporter of their commitment to advancing the alarm industry. Being listed helps reassure insurance companies, AHJs, emergency service agencies, and your customers that you are working with a highly reliable burglar and fire alarm service company.

Learn how to become an ETL-Listed Monitoring Center

Once your Monitoring Center has been certified by Intertek, you can apply to become a TMA Five Diamond Monitoring Center, further demonstrating your commitment to your customers and to the industry.

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