Treestand and Harness Testing

Testing and Evaluation to TMA approved treestand manufacturing standards (TMS)

Industry standards for treestands and treestand harnesses are developed and approved by members of the Treestand Manufacturer’s Association (TMA). Intertek is a TMA approved test lab to evaluate and confirm that products meet or exceed industry standards.

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The following ASTM Standards are recognized by TMA and/or manufacturers to be used for testing and certification of treestands, and harnesses:

  • ASTM F2123: Standard Practice for Treestand Instructions
  • ASTM F2125: Standard Test Method for Treestand Static Stability and Adherence
  • ASTM F2126: Standard Test Method for Treestand Static Load Capacity
  • ASTM F2128: Standard Test Method for Treestand Repetitive Loading Capability
  • ASTM F2275: Standard Practice for Treestand Manufacturer Quality Assurance Program
  • ASTM F2337: Standard Test Method for Treestand Fall Arrest System
  • ASTM F2531: Standard Test Method for Load Capacity of Treestand Seats
  • ASTM F3249: Standard Specification for Treestand, Climbing Sticks and Tripod or Tower Stands
  • ASTM F3412: Standard Terminology Related to Treestands’
  • ASTM F3545: Static Loading of Treestands, Climbing Sticks, and Tripod or Tower Stands
  • ASTM F3544, Standard Test Method for Hunting Saddle Static Load Capacity

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