Meet the Requirements of NIJ Standard 1001.00 with our Total Quality Assurance Services

The U.S. National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Standard 1001.00 specifies minimum requirements for form and fit, performance, testing, documentation, and labeling of restraints intended to be used by criminal justice personnel. Metallic and non-metallic wrist and ankle restraints used by law enforcement must be tested in third-party testing laboratories and certified by NIJ-Recognized Certification Bodies to the NIJ standard.

Intertek can assist manufacturers of criminal justice restraints with meeting the requirements of the NIJ 1001.00. We provide the necessary testing using state-of-the-art technology and extensive expertise. Our team evaluates restraints for corrosion, tensile strength, decontamination solution resistance, impact resistance, component strength and key and cuff design evaluations.

NIJ Standard 1001.00 Certification
In 2018, the NIJ transitioned the certification of these restraints from an NIJ program to private sector organizations. The Safety Equipment Institute (SEI) operates the first NIJ-Recognized Certification Program for criminal justice restraints. Intertek is the sole testing laboratory of restraints for SEI, and provides the testing for their approved certification program.

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