ANSI/CAN/UL 3100, the Standard for Safety for Automated Mobile Platforms (AMPs), helps to safely guide the development of automated hardware in commercial and industrial environments

Standard Details:

Automated mobile platforms (AMPs) are critical to many warehouses and e-commerce fulfillment centers. With the increased usage of AMPs, standard ANSI/CAN/UL 3100 has been introduced to replace UL Subject 3100. The standards first edition was published May 26, 2021. Automated mobile platforms that are covered by this Standard are intended for lifting, carrying, product picking, towing, and the like. These actions may be provided by a gripping attachment, suction attachment, scope attachment, and the like, to lift or carry the load.

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The standard covers battery-operated mobile platforms with or without a payload. These AMPs are intended for commercial or industrial environments and can be for indoor use only or for outdoor use. AMPs are battery powered using either lead acid batteries or lithium-based batteries that can be charged while integrated into the AMP or on a separate charging platform.

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Intertek is ideally suited to be your compliance partner for all AMP products, and all the systems they are integrated into. Our expertise in industrial and robotic equipment, network of global labs that can start and turn-around your projects quickly, and our ability to provide more Quality Assurance solutions than simply electrical safety makes us the smart choice.

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