Intertek DeepView 3D Webinar

Intertek DeepView 3D TM Webinar

DeepView 3D - condition-based maintenance

The complex world of offshore oil and gas production creates many challenges such as ageing equipment that requires accurate condition assessments; detailed inspection and maintenance data needed to meet industry regulations; equipment complexity; and increasing regulatory requirements.

DeepView3D sets a new standard for condition-based assessment and helps customers track and ensure equipment safety and reliability - providing enhanced inspections for smarter decisions.

Learn how Intertek’s DeepView3D solution integrates innovative technology with enhanced expert inspection services to deliver comprehensive 3D results and provide a deep view of asset condition. 

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Who should attend this webinar?  

  • equipment and asset owners
  • drilling contractors and operators
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)
  • inspection, engineering and maintenance personnel 

Intertek’s state-of-the-art approach to inspection methodology combines 3D laser scanning and precise metrology data with advanced NDT results.  The digital information is then analyzed in a 3D space and provides an accurate representation of current equipment condition and mechanical integrity of critical assets.

    Some of the many benefits our customers are experiencing include in-situ and on-deck condition and integrity assessments; a consistent methodology for equipment inspection and dimensional control; and a baseline of digital data related to the dimensions and integrity of equipment that can be compared with future assessments.

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