Ion Chromatography (IC) analysis - unlocking industry insights across diverse industry applications

Ion chromatography laboratories support analytical testing projects that require the separation and identification of components and trace materials. Ion chromatography is a form of liquid chromatography that uses ion-exchange resins to separate atomic and molecular ions for analysis. The applications of Ion Chromatography Analysis are broad and impactful, ranging from assessing anions, cations, and biochemical species such as amino acids and proteins to intricate analyses of halides in petroleum products and detergents. IC plays a pivotal role in pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical analyses, plating and treatment baths, as well as in identifying ionic contamination in critical components. Additionally, it aids in trace-level analysis of various ions, ensuring the highest standards of safety and quality across industries

Intertek's IC lab testing capabilities are available throughout our global laboratory network. Our IC labs, staffed by experienced chemists, employ a range of techniques, including standard IC, Gradient Pump IC, and sample preparation techniques such as Microwave Digestion. This ensures a comprehensive evaluation of diverse samples, catering to the unique needs of different industries.

    Ion Chromatography detection options:

    • Electrochemical - Suppressed Conductivity
    • Pulsed/Integrated Amperometry
    • UV/Vis - Variable Wavelength
    • Diode-Array

    Intertek's global network of IC separation and chromatography labs is strategically positioned to meet your analytical testing projects. Our commitment to delivering accurate and insightful results remains unwavering. Explore the transformative potential of Ion Chromatography Analysis with us, and let's unlock new insights for your industry.

    Ion Chromatography (IC) Analytical Applications:

    • Anions, Anionic Chromatography
    • Cations, Cationic Chromatography
    • Biochemical Species, Amino acids, Proteins
    • Halides and other Ion Speciation in Petroleum Products
    • Halide Speciation of Detergents
    • Pharmaceuticals, Biopharmaceuticals and Intermediates Analysis
    • Ionic Species in Plating and Treatment Baths
    • Acidic Thermal Decomposition Products in Polymer Materials
    • Ionic Contamination in Critical Components
    • Trace Levels Analysis of Fluoride and Bromide in Brines, HCL
    • TOC Analysis for Difficult Matrices
    • Electrochemical and UV detection for Anions
    • Conductivity Detection for Anions and Cations
    • Sulfates Detection in Denatured Ethanol by IC
    • Anion Profiles of Health & Personal Care Products
    • Analysis of Free and Complexed Ions, including: Chloride, Fluoride, Sulphate, Phosphates, Sequestrants, Chelating Agents (citrate, EDTA, dequest polyphosphates)
    • Volatile Carboxylic Acids and Ionic Contaminant Analysis of Waste and Brine Waters; C1-C6 Carboxylic Acids, Nitrates, Sulphates and Phosphates
    • Cation Analysis: Group 1 & 2 Metals, Amines, Alcohol-Amines etc.


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