Case Study: Managing rapid growth of a small business with a QMS

"ISO 9001 certification serves as a foundation for corporate growth." Maria Horton, CEO and President of EmeSec

The Challenge 
EmeSec Incorporated, a small consulting company, was experiencing a rapid growth rate of over 400% in four years. As the company grew, its CEO realized that this growth would be best managed through a quality management system (QMS). After implementing the ISO 9001 standard, EmeSec sought a registrar that understood their corporate vision and goals. 

The Solution 
EmeSec chose Intertek to perform its initial registration to ISO 9001. Now, Intertek performs an audit every six months to ensure the EmeSec QMS’s ongoing conformity.  These visits help EmeSec to ensure that their processes adapt to their growth.

Managing Rapid Growth of a Small Business with a QMS (PDF)