Traceability Assurance

Traceability Assurance promotes reliable regulatory due diligence and sustainability claims by tracking products, parts, and materials through supply chain mapping and chain of custody.

Traceability of materials and products across the entire value chain and manufacturing process is a generally accepted approach for ensuring sustainability claims, product quality, labeling, product safety, and meeting new regulatory requirements.

There is a growing emphasis on sustainability among all stakeholders, including consumers. With heightened awareness and concern for the environment, consumers are increasingly seeking products and services that align with their values. This shift has led to a greater demand for transparency and credibility in sustainability claims. As a result, businesses face the risk of "greenwashing," where their sustainability efforts are exaggerated or misrepresented, leading to a loss of trust. To address these challenges, companies must adapt to the evolving regulatory landscape and incorporate robust supply chain due diligence practices to ensure transparency throughout their operations.

In addition to regulatory pressures, businesses also face the need for sustainable sourcing of critical commodities or materials. The responsible procurement of these resources is crucial to minimizing environmental impact and supporting social well-being. Moreover, there is a growing expectation for companies to demonstrate their supply chain controls and due diligence when moving products internationally, ensuring quick entry. This requires increasing visibility into lower tiers of the supply chain and leveraging the data collected to showcase commitments to sustainable practices. By embracing these demands, businesses can not only meet the expectations of consumers and investors but also protect their brands and display a positive social impact in the marketplace.

Mapping down your supply chain to the Nth tier, visualizing the supplier connections to be able to understand supply chain weaknesses
Assessing supplier traceability management systems through a verified Self-assessment or an on-site audit
Tracing a specific Purchase Order to verify supplier’s up and down stream traceability systems, via a remote audit or declared and reviewed using Technology Platform
Validation of specific sustainable claims through certificates verification verified by desktop review
Visualize your supply chain, evaluate, segregate by risk, view evidence and claims verifications through our Supply Chain Management Platform

Supply Chain Assurance

Intertek’s supply chain assurance experts support clients with navigating the complex world of traceability ensuring they get the right level of transparency needed. Through our innovative solutions, technology, and talented experts we are helping clients create a chain of custody bringing supplier and raw material visibility.
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