03 Aug 2021

When a Priority Desk is an advantage during a pandemic and beyond.

If the recent pandemic has emphasized anything, it has shown that electronic solutions are a priority, and have become the preferred option for many people. Replacing older manual systems, and from a sustainability point of view replacing the use of manual paper, courier airway bills are becoming less popular. As manual airway bills are handwritten, lengthy transit delays due to illegible or incomplete information is common. An example of using a courier is sending samples for testing to Intertek Lintec via the online Priority Advantage Desk.

Sending bunker samples for laboratory analysis can give peace of mind that the fuel purchased is fit for purpose. The analysis results may also identify if there could be potential problems, allowing for adjustments to be made onboard the vessel to handle the fuel.

To assist in the process of sending bunker samples to the laboratory for analysis, Intertek Lintec's 'Priority Advantage Desk' (PAD) is a good solution for customers to utilise as the industry continues to transition to digital solutions. The PAD is an electronic solution to create a sample collection and produce DHL paperwork to transport samples globally to our UK laboratory.

To get started, follow the link on our website www.intertek.com/lintec and select 'Book a Collection'. After completion of a simple form both DHL AWB and Proforma Invoice are produced for printing to use to send the sample. This places a request for collection directly with DHL, with Intertek Lintec receiving an automatic copy, where we can monitor DHL's performance and liaise with agents to prevent delays and assist with any issues which may occur.

Both DHL AWB and Proforma Invoice are required to send a sample to the UK as this will enable the necessary customs clearance process to take place to deliver the sample. Once a sample has been collected, we monitor the transit all the way to our laboratory so can step in if we spot any delays or potential problems.

During my 27 years working at Intertek Lintec, arranging, and monitoring the collection of samples certainly keeps you on your toes and no two days are the same with ever changing country and customs rules and regulations. The PAD is a good digital solution for today's ever changing business environment.

If you have any issues or require assistance sending a bunker sample to Intertek Lintec please email us at lintec.testing@intertek.com or telephone +44 1325 390180 and we will be more than happy to help.

Julie Hillyard,
Global Logistics Manager


Julie Hillyard is the Global Logistics Manager at Intertek Lintec's Darlington, UK site with over 27 years' service, starting at Lintec Testing Services Ltd before it became Intertek Lintec.  She is a Member of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers, and has used her shipping knowledge to navigate the trials and tribulations of global logistics.

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