24 May 2016

What Manufacturers Should Know About the G Mark

As part of its economic growth policy, the Gulf Standardization Organization (GSO) created the G mark to signify product conformity to essential requirements for "health, safety and the environment." G marking is similar in design to European Union notified body schemes, requiring a higher degree of third-party oversight from notified bodies. As of July 1, G marking will be mandatory for certain low-voltage electrical products.

The technical regulations for low-voltage electrical products comprise two lists. Products on List 1, which have yet to be identified, require a self-declaration conformity assessment procedure. Products on List 2, consisting of 13 categories (primarily in the area of home appliances), require notified body involvement for testing, technical file review and a certification recommendation.

Manufacturers must choose a single notified body to examine the product's technical design and verify that it meets the requirements of the applicable technical regulations. The notified body must issue an evaluation report and ensure the manufacturer has a production quality system in place to confirm the product is being manufactured in accordance with technical specifications. Registration of products on List 2 is also the notified body's responsibility.

In addition to selecting and working with the notified body, the manufacturer must also create a technical documentation file for each model of a product, including a risk analysis/assessment and test reports. Additional documentation requirements for List 1 products, as well as the notified body evaluation report and type examination certificate must be included.

With the G mark, the GSO has begun to harmonize technical regulations and conformity assessment procedures among member states to ensure better economic flow and cooperation in the region. They are also aligning with international standards, paving the way for a more coherent and cohesive environment for global businesses looking to enter the area. Becoming familiar with the G mark requirements and aligning with a trusted notified body can make a huge difference in getting certified products to this market quickly and efficiently. For more insights on G marking requirements, download our free white paper.

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