Designing a new product? Pitfalls and common issues.

Designing a new product? Understand the pitfalls and common issues by engaging with Intertek’s training solutions early on.

03 September 2014

The Intertek Academy  provides our clients with information that raises skill levels and helps product teams comply with regulations the first time – which gets them to market faster.

We are able to offer insights and advice across a wide variety of industry areas including toys, consumer goods, hardlines, softlines, electrical products, machinery, medical devices, potentially explosive atmospheres and lighting.

Case Study 1

Client A contacted Intertek when a product they had developed was required to be compliant for Saudi Arabian export.  They had already been selling the product within their own country for some time but had not looked into the standards they needed to comply with for overseas export.

A sample was submitted in November 2013 which subsequently failed the majority of tests to which it was subjected. There were very basic failures; marking instructions, access to live parts and the use of key components that were 'unapproved'.

The client had assembled the product before engaging with a test house. No consultancy or advice had been sought and none of the staff had undergone any training to make them aware of the relevant standards. They were not familiar with the requirements and as such when the product was first sent for testing it didn't perform as hoped - nor was the documentation complete. When the assessors made requests of the customer during the process, they weren't always fully understood and subsequently the product failed to meet the Standard.

When the design was resubmitted, it still carried unapproved components and until this was rectified the re-test could not take place. Lack of understanding of the product requirements caused the client a significant delay in getting to market.  A six-week compliance project took five months. This affected their bottom line with redesign and retooling costs, retesting costs and lost sales.

Pre-compliance training can and does prevent these delays and positively aids speed to market.

Case Study 2

Client B was familiar with standards relevant to their product and had reviewed the relevant EU Directives that applied to it.  They had staff attend training courses to be fully conversant with the product requirements and this groundwork of knowledge ensured all communication between themselves and the product assessors was understood and efficient.

The relevant staff at Client B understood the requirements and the tests their product would undergo to comply with the standard and meet legislative requirements. They were able to supply all the necessary technical information when asked.  This technical information was supplied in advance of the sample being tested and this resulted in a reduction in the time taken for the compliance process. Delays were limited, and all involved enjoyed confidence and assurance that the project assessment would go smoothly.

When the product passed the testing and review process, the client was able to launch their product in line with their planned launch schedule and benefitted from being first to market amongst their competitors.

The groundwork of understanding product compliance, brings enormous value to the design and launch process, it can save time and money and help a product pass the compliance process first time.

Kendra joined Intertek at the very beginning of 2014 and works as part of a vibrant and lively Sales Team. Her aim is to grow and promote the Intertek Academy in the UK and has already added 16 new courses to the portfolio this year with many more planned for 2015. She loves her job and the variety of elements involved, particularly meeting and greeting her delegates.