Product Assurance

Intertek delivers the business solutions you need to build, maintain, and protect your brand.

We provide evaluation and advisory services for all aspects of your product, above and beyond regulatory compliance. The strengths and weaknesses of your product and supply chain are revealed through our brand development and quality assurance services. From development and design to launch and retail strategy, our global network brings you the data, intelligence, tools, and opportunities you need to ensure your product has the best advantage in the market.

Intertek helps you build, maintain, and protect your brand with the following service offerings:

Safety: Intertek’s safety advisory services can help you reduce risk before your product hits the market, protecting you and your customers from damaging recalls and returns. Learn more...
Performance: Evaluate product development, marketing claims, and product selection with custom performance data that fits your customers’ needs. Retailers and brands alike work with us to get higher-performing products on the shelf at better prices. Learn more...
Quality: Intertek experts collaborate with you to establish and/or refine your quality systems, aligning quality and compliance from ideation to market to support growth, create transparency, and reduce returns. Learn more...
Chemical Management: Intertek can assist you in identifying and developing a holistic approach to chemical management, from regulatory compliance to ensuring essential safety to managing perceived safety of your consumer products, including: toys, apparel, shoes, tools, furniture, food packaging, food contact materials and other products. Learn more...

Intertek can help to enhance brand loyalty and increase innovation opportunities, resulting in a strengthened competitive advantage.

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Need help or have a question?

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