Intertek supports switchgear assembly manufacturers with consulting, design, testing, certification, and advisory services. We provide local certification to extend your global reach, and our marks are accepted by major electrical utilities and authorities around the world. Contact us today to discuss your high-voltage (HV), medium-voltage (MV), or low-voltage (MV) switchgear products.

As an accredited third-party certification body, Intertek’s testing and certification activities are fully independent of manufacturer or end-user interests. Intertek strictly follows ISO 17025 rules for laboratories and ISO 17065 rules for Certification Bodies. These processes are reviewed and validated for each manufacturer facility as well as for each commercial laboratory during each new test campaign. Intertek’s process provides confidence that any laboratory contributing to the certification process undergoes stringent auditing by laboratory experts.

IEC 61439 Edition 3.0 White Paper

ETL and ASTA in support of Global Market Access needs:

Across Europe and Asia, high-voltage and low-voltage switchgear assemblies must be tested and certified for compliance with IEC standards, including IEC 62271. To demonstrate your product’s compliance with these standards, Intertek recommends certification via the ASTA Mark.

In North America, these products must be tested and certified for compliance with IEEE, NEMA, and UL standards as they will be interacting with similarly-regulated equipment as part of transmission systems. Relevant standards can include ANSI/UL 1558, ANSI/UL 891, NEMA SG5, ANSI C37.20.1, and ANSI C37.20.7. To demonstrate compliance with these standards, Intertek recommends certification via the ETL Mark as well as the ASTA Mark to allow access to the widest variety of global markets.

ASTA Certificates and Reports have international recognition, including a very high profile in Asia and the Middle East, and are often specified by major end users. The ASTA marks and/or type test certificates clearly indicate that the product has been independently tested to comply with the relevant clauses of the applicable standards. Intertek offers a variety of ASTA tests and certificates; an Intertek expert can recommend the best solution for your products.

  • ASTA Certificates
    ASTA Certificates are widely accepted by authorities in the Middle East region as the main evidence of type compliance for IEC 61439 (low voltage) switchgear and control gear equipment, including distribution boards, motor control centres, large switchgear assemblies, and busbar trunking systems (busways). Note that ASTA Certificates relate only to the equipment configuration tested. The manufacturer should also provide reasoning for compliance where any features of the equipment to be delivered vary from the type tested.
  • ASTA Licences
    Products must be tested for complete compliance with standards and the factory must have provisions to produce equipment consistently and to test every item to certain minimum requirements. Note that for large switchgear assemblies, where bespoke solutions could result in hundreds of potential configurations, ASTA licensing can be challenging.

Intertek is constantly monitoring developments in the global standards regulating switchgear products. Switchgear assembly manufacturers should discuss a customized test plan with an Intertek expert – considerations for test plans include product voltage levels, product customization or variations in compartments or components, and target markets for distribution. Intertek can offer holistic quality assurance and testing programs to harmonized aspects of both IEC and IEEE specifications to create efficiencies in budget and speed to market.


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