Intertek can provide nuclear power plants with flaw evaluations of components so that you comply with ASME Code Section XI or the equivalent industry regulation.

The ASME Code Section XI provides standards for the examination, in-service testing and inspection, and repair and replacement of nuclear power plant components, pressure vessels and piping. The code details if a flaw found within a component is acceptable for continued operation, or if the component instead requires repair or replacement.

Intertek’s flaw evaluations can help nuclear power plants comply with ASME Code Section XI. We use a wide variety of techniques to detect flaws or cracks in components and predict flaw behavior. When a flaw is found, Intertek can perform a detailed flaw analysis to determine if your power plant can continue to operate with the component flaw or not. We can provide the technical information to justify why a component with a flaw is deemed within the acceptance standards of ASME Code Section XI for continued service.

If our flaw analysis identifies the component as needing repair or replacement, Intertek can advise on the necessary action to take.

Our evaluation service includes:

  • Analysis of fracture toughness
  • Stress analysis
  • Critical flaw size
  • Projected fatigue crack growth under both operating and accident conditions
  • Finite element stress analysis

Request more information to see how Intertek can help your organisation with our Total Quality Assurance flaw evaluations for nuclear components – ASME Code Section XI.

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