Subsea Cables

We offer expert advice throughout your subsea cable project that helps you optimise costs and avoid potential risks.

Global focus on climate change and security of supply has increased the demand for subsea power cables. Wind, wave and tidal energy generators use submarine power transmission to deliver renewable energy to national grids for distribution to homes and businesses.  Electricity network operators use subsea power cables to interconnect power grids between countries or between islands and the mainland.
Subsea power cable installation and operations can be difficult to manage due to a variety of uncertainties surrounding marine operations. It’s important for electricity and telecommunication network operators to partner with an experienced company that understands how to navigate projects within the marine environment.
Intertek has extensive experience providing subsea power cable services worldwide. We deliver specialist technical services to companies throughout all stages of offshore development including feasibility, design, construction and operation. Since 1997 we have supported numerous HVDC interconnector projects and cable systems for offshore wind farms including inter-array and export cables.  Our services help reduce risks for workers and our clients, optimise cost and ensure protection of the environment.
Our consultants are well versed in the complexities of interconnector projects and provide valuable technical support throughout your project’s lifecycle. We analyse, interpret and manage marine surveys to help you better understand the condition of the seabed of potential asset locations providing you with Total Quality Assurance. Intertek’s geophysical and geotechnical assessments utilize a variety of modeling techniques to identify seabed and sub-bottom conditions that help determine potential engineering constraints and/or safety hazards. Our cable burial assessments give valuable insight about the condition of the seabed and what type of sediment and rocks are present. You can then make informed decisions about the best method to install your subsea power cable. Intertek also provides Owners Engineer services to manage all aspects of the technical engineering of your subsea power cable project. For wind farms, our proprietary array cable optimisation service uses mathematical modelling to chart the least cost configuration appropriate to the physical layout of your offshore and onshore infrastructure.


Our subsea power cable services also include:

  • Marine planning and operation support
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Consents and permitting
  • Regulator and stakeholder engagement
  • Crossing agreement negotiation support
  • Marine construction management and supervision
  • Construction support advice
  • Survey and EPC tender evaluation


Need help or have a question? +44 1428 727800

Need help or have a question?

+44 1428 727800
+44 1428 727800