Intertek’s TSCA expertise can help keep your US imports moving smoothly.

When importing a product into the United States, be it a substance, mixture or article, each importer is required (with some exceptions) to certify either that their product complies with TSCA or that it is not subject to the Act. Otherwise, the product cannot enter the country and the shipment will be held at customs until the proper certification is made.

The complex nature of TSCA applicability, exemption and compliance can make it difficult to provide a confident and accurate certification and unexpected border stoppages can put a wrench into an otherwise smooth flowing supply chain. Intertek’s scientific and regulatory experts can review your product line and determine:

  • whether your product is subject to TSCA requirements;
  • whether any exemptions apply; and
  • if there are any restrictions in place with respect to your product’s import or use.

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