Intertek works in close cooperation with the Singapore National Environment Agency, offering manufacturers and retailers fast, expert, and local service for Singapore Green Labeling Scheme.

This Singapore Green Labeling Scheme is administered by the Singapore Environment Council (SEC) and is supported by the National Climate Change Committee (NCCC) and the National Environment Agency (NEA).

The Singapore Green Labeling Scheme was launched in April 2002 to provide consumers with information on appliance energy consumption, and to help consumers know which appliances are more energy efficient than others. Starting with refrigerators and air-conditioners, appliances can now be labeled and consumers can find out which models are more efficient than others. The more Green Ticks, the more energy efficient.

Intertek’s energy efficiency testing pedigree also covers such notable programs as:

Intertek maintains the accreditations, expertise and state-of-the-art facilities throughout its global network of energy efficiency testing laboratories to help manufacturers meet regional and market requirements.