Conforming to industry regulatory standards for wireless network devices and technology

Intertek is a leading provider of testing and certification solutions for wireless device and network technology. We offer services ranging from pre-certification and R&D testing to final certifications, assisting our customers throughout the entire product development cycle.

EMC, product safety, battery performance, materials testing and many other certifications can be required depending on the product type and its intended market(s). Intertek’s global network of laboratories is accredited to test and certify products to a variety of requirements including FCC, ISED, EU Radio Equipment Directive (RED), product safety, battery performance/safety, hazardous locations, and much more.

Put our countless years of experience to work for your team by deriving a test process and project plan to meet your certification needs. Regardless of product type, transmitter, use case, or region of deployment, our industry experts can assist you by developing your certification strategy and provide project management throughout the life cycle of your product.

“As a rule, software systems do not work well until they have been used, and have failed repeatedly, in real applications.” – Dave Parnas

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