The series will address the challenges of product design, regulatory requirements, compliance and global market entry in our interconnected world. Please follow the registration links for each session to receive your viewing details.

Get Connected: What You Must Know Before Your Next Wireless Product Release
Speakers: Mark Miska, Mike Parker
The road to “wireless” is littered with overshot budgets, missed deadlines, and unmet expectations. Before you endeavor through your next wireless product release, learn from our experts the critical steps to properly scope your regulatory investment, multi-country market access plans, and the needed resources and timing. Before the engineering of wireless products, there is the proper planning so you can engineer within budget, on time and to the right specs, the first time.

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Get Connected: Spectrum, Environment and Wireless Technology Choices; Cornerstones for Building Successful Wireless Products
Speakers: Ollie Moyrong
Building a successful wireless product requires in-depth planning and forethought for your product’s operating environments and intended use so you can make practical spectrum management and technology decisions. Without solid foundational planning, your wireless project could come down like a house of cards,

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Get Connected: The Definitive Guide on Radio Modules and Testing
Speakers: Mike Murphy, Nicholas Abbondante
To understand wireless product development is to first understand the Radio Module. This segment of the Get Connected series covers what makes a module and why that’s important, labelling must haves, certifications, global approvals, required documentation, and user information. We will also explore the various test modes for varying market and regulatory requirements, including RF Exposure, Specific Absorption Rate testing, Host testing, Full Radio testing, and FDA 510k Wireless Coexistence testing. Lastly we will cover Wireless Energy Transfer for products using inductive power/charging features. 

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Get Connected: Global Launch and Execution for Wireless Products Releases
Speaker: Mark Miska
Whether you’re a seasoned global marketer of wireless products or a new comer to the wireless products space, in the global certification landscape for wireless products there is only one constant: CHANGE. From documentation, inspection requirements, labelling concerns to in-country testing requirements and renewals, current wireless certification information is the key to on-time, predictable, and cost effective market entry. This one-hour webinar provides the latest insights in wireless certifications and approaches that will steer you clear of delays and missteps.

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Meet our Intertek Experts

Mike has been with Intertek for 15 years working in Marketing, Government Affairs, Industry Certification and Consulting. He currently oversees Intertek’s Boxborough, MA laboratory, which specializes in Medical Devices, Industrial Equipment, Appliances, Electronics and Information Technology. Intertek’s Boxborough laboratory is a Center of Excellence for Radio-enabled Products and Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing; its boasts large scale emissions and immunity capabilities via 3M, 5M and 10M semi-anechoic chambers and a host of state of the art labs. Mike also oversees Intertek’s US-based Satellite Data Acceptance Program.

With 20 years of experience in the areas of global research and certifications, product management, design and manufacturing in industrial and telecom industries, Mark Miska supports training, project planning, business management, and technical assistance. As the Operations Manager of Intertek’s Global Market Access team, Mr. Miska offers global compliance support from a worldwide network of experts.

In his 15+ years with the company, Nick has been involved in testing a wide range of radio and electronic equipment to EMC requirements for regulatory domains around the world, specializing in transmitters. He is a member of the TCB Council and participates in the ANSI C63.10 and ANSI C63.26 radio standards writing committees. Nick has a Bachelor’s degree in physics from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI).

Ollie has over 20 years of experience in the regulatory compliance field with emphasis on EMI/EMC requirements. His technical expertise is with testing and certification of intentional radiators. He has experience certifying products for the FCC as a Telecommunication Certification Body and for ISED Canada as a Foreign Certification Body. He is knowledgeable with the European Union's EMC and Radio Equipment Directives.

Michael has 33 years of experience in Electronic Warfare Systems, EMC, and RF Technologies. He taught component level troubleshooting of EW Systems while serving in the military as an electronics instructor at the US Army Intelligence School Fort Devens. He has been involved in the testing and troubleshooting of a wide range of electrical and electronic equipment and systems.
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