Wireless Carriers and Ecosystems

Intertek supports the efficient design, definition and implementation of certification programs for application stores for carriers, publishers, operating system providers, and device manufacturers.

Effective ecosystems allow carriers to differentiate their offering, improve their brand image, reduce churn, and provide end-to-end solutions for their subscribers.

  • Device compatibility testing
  • Developer management tools
  • Pre-certification testing
  • Quality Assurance (QA) management tools
  • Development of customized testing strategies
  • Advisory expertise

Device Compatibility Testing 

We offer a global solution for device compatibility testing, certification and support to ensure your application runs on the most possible devices, on the most possible networks.

  • Expertise across multiple platforms
  • Certification pre-testing to shorten your time to market
  • Global lab network 
  • Meet peak demands

Verizon Wireless

Intertek is certified by Verizon Wireless to conduct Safe for Network testing:

Phase 1: Parametrics and partial features
Phase 2A: Features
Phase 2B: Field Interoperability Testing

Intertek is the first lab certified for Verizon’s Open Development Initiative (ODI).


Intertek provides UMTS Drive route characterization for T-Mobile. 


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