5G or 5th Generation offers faster speeds, lower latencies and more efficient connectivity than 4G LTE

We are at the forefront of another technological revolution. The global 5G market is growing with factors that contribute to rising demand in mobile broadband, increased use of smartphones and wearable devices, and the surging demand for mobile video. Our new 5G solutions, made possible through diligent investment in new technologies, allow manufacturers from a variety of industries to test and validate innovative products for the next generation of mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Our 5G solutions include testing, certification and assurance services and R&D support related to performance, conformance, usability and functionality. In addition to traditional mobile devices, our 5G services are also applicable to numerous non-mobile industrial and enterprise applications such as remote monitoring and metering, security systems, and smart devices. These revolutionary new technologies will interconnect and control machines, objects, and other smart devices to help improve performance, efficiency and cost in almost every industry. Additionally, we see 5G as technology that is transformative in the automotive and electrical industries and expect the impact of 5G to be greater than previous generation networks and devices.

By 2024: Expected to be 1.9 billion 5G subscriptions

With our superior customer service and proven ATIC (Assurance, Testing, Inspection and Certification) solutions, we consistently provide assurance to each customer that their products meet and exceed quality, performance, conformance regulatory and security requirements in the marketplace.

For more than 20 years, Intertek has been a leader in mobile device testing and certification, supporting customers from the “1G” analogue phone era, through to the latest 5G devices. Learn more about our services and start your 5G conversation here.

5G Testing and Certification Solutions
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