Activewear Testing Solutions

From everyday workout apparel to professional team uniforms, Intertek offers comprehensive fabric testing solutions to measure performance and function.

Today’s consumers expect clothes to be fashionable, as well as functional.

Whether you sell outdoor apparel or gear, fitness apparel, athleisure fashions, sportswear or fitness accessories, Intertek’s activewear testing solutions offer assurances that your active apparel performs as advertised.

To help ensure your active apparel meets consumer expectations, Intertek offers activewear testing solutions for properties such as anti-bacterial, anti-mold, windproof, water resistance & breathability, water repellency, quick-dry, UV protection, thermal regulation and stretch & recovery.

In addition, Intertek offers specialized testing solutions for high visibility and camouflage apparel used for activities like hunting; collagen fabric used in fitted active apparel, socks and nylons; and PFCs (perfluorinated compounds) commonly used for water repellency properties.


Activewear Performance Testing Webinar Recording


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