Leveraging our personal protective equipment (PPE) apparel testing experience, Intertek has developed Reflective Testing for active apparel and accessories

Reflective and High-visibility properties of activewear serve both function and fashion. Whether it’s photo luminescent properties or reflective fabric that makes a runner’s shoes or clothes visible after dark, Intertek simulates real-life scenarios and applications to test the functionality in different lighting environments.

Intertek performs tests to ensure your use of fluorescent colorants, retroreflective materials and photoluminescence or radioluminescence properties in activewear and active accessories achieve the intended reflective properties so wearers can be seen and stay safe.

Test recommendations for visibility:

  • EN 1150 (for fluorescent colorants)
  • ASTM E809 / ASTM E1809 (for retroreflective materials)
  • JIS Z 9107 / DIN 67510 (for photoluminescence) 

In addition, Intertek can provide suggestions and consultation for activewear durability as it relates to colorfastness, washing instructions and care label recommendations.

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