Intertek’s North America Chemical Testing superCenter can provide you an initial evaluation of all components in your Bill of Material (BoM) based on compliance statements provided by the supplier and evaluation against Intertek’s component risk database.

We will perform an evaluation of supplier and material risks based on the documentation that was gathered to carefully investigate and determine compliance with the requirements of EN50581 stipulated in the Recast RoHS Directive.

What Can You Expect?

  • A technical report containing all findings of the assessment and recommendations for risk mitigation moving forward. 
  • A table that shows the risk assessment by component, materials and / or supplier, and a copy of the supporting documentation reviewed in the process.
  • Completion of your Express BoM Review in as little as 4 days depending on the product being evaluated

What If You Do Not Have All Your Suppliers' Documentation for RoHS Compliance?

  • Intertek can audit each supplier's manufacturing procedures for alignment to ROHS compliance
  • We can individually attain the compliance declaration of each supplier
  • We can review correlating documentation to convert all supplier chemical and process data to a hierarchical Bill of Material

What If You Need Even More Support?

  • Intertek can devise an entire compliance assurance system to meet our needs that include education of applicable environmental regulations, training on implementing a proper system, review of existing programs (including a gap analysis) and more.  Intertek can offer to you the 360 degree approach to BoM Assessment & Conversion Services to best meet your needs.
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