The Importance of APQP/CP in the Automotive Industry

Dive into the critical components of Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) and Control Plan (CP) and their pivotal role in the automotive industry. Gain a comprehensive overview of APQP/CP methodologies and their significance in ensuring product quality and compliance.

EMC Basics

This high-level presentation will focus on electronic subassemblies, what type of products need EMC testing, along with some of the regulations and standards.

Understanding Xenon Weatherability

Xenon weatherability testing is a critical process in the transportation industry, particularly for materials and components exposed to the environment. Learn More

Accessibility Awareness with AccessCheck

Discover how to create an inclusive environment with Intertek's AccessCheck program, ensuring facilities cater to all. Join our webinar to learn about the assessment protocol and take the first step toward inclusivity.

Best Practices in Auditing: Internal Audit

Explore ISO 9001 Auditing Best Practices in our webinar series. Join the upcoming session on Internal Audit Value, where Technical Director Jorge Correa discusses audit processes, risk-based thinking, and utilizing audit insights for continuous improvement in management systems.

Best Practices in Auditing: Statutory and Regulatory Requirements

Join our Best Practices in Auditing webinar series for insights on ISO 9001. Next topic: Statutory and Regulatory Requirements. Technical Director Jorge Correa guides auditors on monitoring, addressing liabilities, and issuing nonconformities. Stay informed for effective audits.

Best Practices in Auditing: Top Management

Join our webinar series on Best Practices in Auditing. Next up: Best Practices in Auditing: Top Management. Learn about auditing processes, interviews, evaluations, and more with Intertek's Technical Director, Jorge Correa.

Best Practices in Auditing: Organizational Knowledge

Learn about Organizational Knowledge in ISO 9001:2015. Join the webinar with Technical Director Jorge Correa, exploring effective management and auditor considerations for evaluating how organizations handle and utilize their collective and individual experiences to achieve objectives.

IATF 16949:2016 Revision Update Webinar

Join our complimentary 60-minute webinar where Intertek experts delve into the evolution of ISO/TS 16949 to IATF 16949, highlighting the standard's changes. Learn what steps organizations should take now to prepare for the update, considering the transition period.

31 Flavors of Vibration Webinar

Explore the diverse "flavors" of vibration testing in our webinar, "31 Flavors of Vibration". From single-axis to multi-axis, and beyond, discover when and why each method is essential for your testing program. Topics include field data replication, acoustic test methods, and more.

Adding Value Through Partnered Customized Audit Services

Discover Intertek's Custom Audit Solutions in our one-hour recorded presentation. Our experts detail how these solutions simplify auditing requirements, offering collaborative and tailored approaches. Learn how customized audits evaluate facilities or suppliers to your specific standards, ensuring quality and mitigating risks to your business and brand.