Addressing Asbestos and Mold Impacts in Storm Damaged Buildings

Discover how asbestos and mold impact storm-damaged buildings in our on-demand webinar. Learn about addressing environmental contamination and hazardous materials during remediation, managing restoration contractors, working with insurance carriers and FEMA, and the importance of testing and inspection.

Webinar: Aware for Equipment Life Optimization Program module - ELOP!

Watch our on-demand webinar to discover how the Intertek Aware Team utilizes outage planning tools, risk rankings, risk-based inspections, customizable risk matrices, and cost projections to project overall equipment costs for your existing systems. Learn about the likelihood and severity of failure classification and how to determine criticality to optimize equipment lifespan.

Webinar: Aware for Balance of Plant - Condensers, Pressure Vessels, Safety Valves, and Tanks

Join our demonstration to explore the expanding capabilities of the Aware for BOP module, focusing on the use of movable parts for Safety Valves with Pressure Vessels. Learn how to streamline inspection workflows, schedule tasks, and efficiently manage inspections using Aware. Discover how to calculate corrosion rates, component retirement dates, and inspection due dates based on thickness data.

Webinar: Enhancements to Mobile Aware

Significant enhancements are continuously implemented within Mobile Aware, and it now supports all types of equipment and inspection types. This webinar includes enhancements for data and picklist validation, stream-lined synchronization, updating design info using Mobile Aware on a tablet, and other key features.

IATF 16949:2016 Revision Update Webinar

Join our complimentary 60-minute webinar where Intertek experts delve into the evolution of ISO/TS 16949 to IATF 16949, highlighting the standard's changes. Learn what steps organizations should take now to prepare for the update, considering the transition period.