Asbestos Fundamentals : What you need to Know

Intertek offers an informative on-demand webinar on asbestos safety in property management, building, and construction with a focus on awareness, regulatory compliance, remediation and management practices.

SEMI Webinar Series: What is SEMI Evaluation?

Learn how to ensure your equipment can meet the highest safety and quality standards, throughout the production process, from our complimentary SEMI webinar session: An Introduction to SEMI Evaluation.

On-Demand Webinar: ISO 18562 and Biocompatibility

The ISO 18562 series was developed to define testing requirements relevant to gas pathways. To better understand these requirements (and how Intertek can help you) listen to our complimentary 25-minute on-demand webinar.

Unique Device Identification (UDI)

Unique Device Identifiers (UDI) are mandatory for medical devices and accessories in the U.S. and the EU. They can be found on the device and on packaging. Learn more with our 40-minute on-demand webinar.

Webinar: Washable tattoos for children as a product on the borderline between toy and cosmetic (Polish)

Washable tattoos should be analysed from both a toy and a cosmetic perspective, and it is necessary to have awareness of the complete safety of the product being marketed in every respect. In our webinar, you will learn why it is so important to classify a product appropriately, as well as the resulting compliance with legal requirements.

From Fiber to Fashion: Simplifying Sustainability with Life Cycle Assessment(LCA) and Traceability

Discover how Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Traceability can reshape the textile industry towards sustainability. Get actionable insights from the industry experts into how LCA and traceability can simplify sustainability efforts and drive positive change across the fashion value chain.

The Outlook of Digital Product Passport Requirements

This webinar will give you the foundational knowledge to start assessing risk and your preparedness for when these requirements start to get implemented.

Safety Assessment of NIAS and NLS in Food Contact Material in EU

During this webinar, our Pharmacist Toxicologist will explain the requirements applicable for these substances and the toxicological approach needed to ensure the safe use of the plastics containing them.

Webinar: Introduction to the EU Battery Regulation

In this first episode of our webinar series on the EU Battery regulation, our experts give insight into the scope and timeline of the regulation, manufacturer and importer responsibilities, how battery categories are defined and much more.

The PFAS Puzzle: Exploring Regulations and Remediation Strategies for Consumer Products

In this webinar our expert will delve into the regulations associated with PFAS chemicals that affect a variety of product categories, including apparel and accessories, housewares and furniture, outdoor products, and fabric treatments.

MoCRA Update

The Modernization of Cosmetics Regulation Act (MoCRA) brings forth the first major change to U.S. cosmetics legislation in over 80 years. Join us for an update on MoCRA and how your company can plan to be compliant with its requirements.

Per-and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS)

Our webinar will cover how to comply with the PFAS Reporting Rule starting November 2024, including the review of the US PFAS Roadmap, and State Regulations. Our experts will also provide a review of the proposed Canadian PFAS rule.

Regulation 2022/1616/EC on Recycled Plastics for Food Contact Use: What is New Since Entry in Force in 2022?

EU Reg 2022/1616 on recycled plastics for food contact came into force on Oct 10, 2022. Stay updated on Commission and Authority guidance. Learn to submit dossiers for recycled plastic use in Europe.

Chemical Data Reporting Rule (CDR)

Our complimentary webinar will teach you how to comply with the Chemical Date Reporting Rule starting June 2024, including changes in the EPA's Central Data Exchange (CDX) required submission.

Better Cotton | Chain of Custody and Independent Assessment of Cotton Consumption

Discover Better Cotton's Chain of Custody (CoC) service for traceable cotton, ensuring transparency from origin to end product. Learn about Better Cotton's sustainable production principles and Independent Assessment for Measuring Cotton Consumption.

Integrated Management Systems: Tips to prevent and address non-conformances

Join us for expert tips on preventing and addressing common non-conformances in your management system.

Unlocking Reese's Law: Safeguarding Children from Button Cell Hazards

In a significant stride towards enhancing child safety, the CPSC has recently given the nod to 16 CFR 1263, better known as Reese's Law. This regulation addresses the use of Button Cell or Coin Batteries in consumer products, setting forth stringent performance and labeling standards to mitigate the risks associated with these batteries.

On-Demand Medical EMC webinar: “IEC TR 60601-4-2”

Explore our on-demand webinar on IEC TR 60601-4-2, delving into medical device EM immunity guidance by Intertek's Nicholas Abbondante. Understand its scope and testing intricacies in just 12 minutes.

Traceability in Textiles: How Traceability and Digital Passport Solution can Foster Sustainability Goals

Explore the crucial concept of supply chain traceability in the textile industry, encompassing raw material sourcing, production monitoring, and supply chain transparency, all while meeting consumer demands for ethical and sustainable products.

From Input to Impact : Understanding Different Approaches in Life Cycle Assessment

Join our experts to gain a comprehensive understanding of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and its significance, including the necessary components and various LCA methodologies.

Webinar Download | Using Risk Based Compliance to Tackle Global Moving Targets

Discover the value of implementing risk-based compliance strategies in your company to navigate the evolving landscape of regulated substances, including insights on integrating them into your quality management system, amidst ongoing updates to REACH Regulation, PFAS regulations, and other emerging areas.

Consumer Products Regulatory Update Year in Review 2023

Join our webinar for a comprehensive review of the 2023 regulatory updates in the U.S. and Canada related to consumer products, including enacted and proposed regulations and recalls in various industries.

2023 A&E Industry Outlook & Global Trends

Join our webinar to explore the evolving landscape of the appliance and electronics sector. Discover trends like advanced technologies, sustainability, smart appliances, and consumer behaviors. Gain insights into emerging markets and strategies for staying competitive.

Accessibility Awareness with AccessCheck

Discover how to create an inclusive environment with Intertek's AccessCheck program, ensuring facilities cater to all. Join our webinar to learn about the assessment protocol and take the first step toward inclusivity.

Hazardous Locations & Explosive Atmospheres Equipment Certification Requirements Webinar Series

Join us for an eight-part on-demand webinar series that explores hazardous locations and explosive atmospheres and certification requirements associated with them.

ASTM F3561 Forced-Entry-Resistance of Fenestration Systems

Our experts, Travis Hoover and Andy Holstein discuss the test method and learnings based on testing Intertek has performed thus far, as well as obtaining certification through Intertek.

Accelerated Weathering: The What, Why, How, & Where

Explore our on-demand webinar, "Accelerated Weathering: The What, Why, How, & Where" for a comprehensive overview. Our experts delve into UV aging, Xenon Arc exposure, salt spray, temperature exposure, and thermal cycling. Discover the significance, optimization strategies, and how Intertek can assist.

2022 State Children’s Products Reporting Rules for Chemicals of Concern

Manufacturers must report Chemicals of Concern (CoC) in children's products, as mandated by state laws. Join us to learn about US state reporting laws, Oregon's Toxic-Free Kids Act Phase 3, New York's COC reporting, and compliance strategies.

Air Aware: Healthy Building Mega-Trends and the Renewed Focus on Indoor Air Quality

Attend our complimentary on-demand webinar, "Air Aware: Healthy Building Mega-Trends and the Renewed Focus on Indoor Air Quality" presented by Alan Scott, a renowned expert in sustainability and architecture. Gain insights into the latest trends and strategies for improving indoor air quality in buildings.

2021 US Federal, CAN, and EU Legislative and Regulatory Updates

Despite COVID restrictions, 2021 sees a surge in regulatory activity. Our webinar covers US, Canada, EU updates including CPSC nominations, nursery product rules, Canada's formaldehyde regulations, EU toy safety, REACH, and Brexit.

Acoustical Field Measurements & Testing

Watch our on-demand webinar on Acoustical Field Measurements Testing featuring experts Jeffrey Fullerton and Todd Kister. Learn about why, what, when, where, and who to test from industry leaders.

Assuring Health and Wellness: Learning from the Pandemic

Our expert, Mr. Alan Scott reviews known and anticipated health risks in buildings and explore a balanced approach to health, wellness and resilience in new construction and existing building operations.

2020 Year in Review: Consumer Products Regulatory Update

Despite global slowdown in 2020, consumer safety efforts persisted. CPSC, Canada, ECHA, FDA, AATCC, and CEN drove regulatory activity.

2020 State Regulatory Updates for Consumer Products

Get up to speed on 2020 state regulatory updates for consumer products. Download our webinar for insights on Prop 65, children's product reporting, flame retardant laws, and more across the US.

A Recipe for Safety: Regulatory Compliance for Food Contact Articles

Safety is paramount for products used daily. Explore food contact article regulations in our webinar: "A Recipe for Safety: Regulatory Compliance for Food Contact Articles". Learn about US regulations, chemical safety, performance requirements, materials, and labeling. Also, get an overview of Canadian requirements.

Building Products Certification Part II

Gain insights into certification terms, Intertek marks, label criteria, directory usage, and listing & code reports content.

Building Certification with Intertek

View our on-demand complimentary webinar on the ins and outs of our certification program for building products with our expert, Mr. Michael Beaton.

AERC Air Leakage & Computer Simulations and Solar Testing

Our experts Kenny White and Tyler Westerling discuss AERC Air Leakage/Computer Simulations & Solar Testing during a complimentary on-demand webinar.

Acoustics in Residential Projects

Explore sound perception, privacy, and four key acoustical concerns: exterior noise isolation, interior sound isolation, equipment noise levels, and interior room acoustics. Gain insights into how architectural design impacts comfort and privacy for occupants.

Approach to Battery Failure Analysis

During this complimentary webinar you will see real battery cell failures, learn about our failure analysis techniques, and see the value in having a failure analysis and/or quality assessment study.

"Bridge to China": Compliance With China's NMPA Requirements

Discover our complimentary on-demand webinar centered on navigating the NMPA regulations governing the export of medical devices to China.

Best Practices in Auditing: Internal Audit

Explore ISO 9001 Auditing Best Practices in our webinar series. Join the upcoming session on Internal Audit Value, where Technical Director Jorge Correa discusses audit processes, risk-based thinking, and utilizing audit insights for continuous improvement in management systems.

Best Practices in Auditing: Statutory and Regulatory Requirements

Join our Best Practices in Auditing webinar series for insights on ISO 9001. Next topic: Statutory and Regulatory Requirements. Technical Director Jorge Correa guides auditors on monitoring, addressing liabilities, and issuing nonconformities. Stay informed for effective audits.

Best Practices in Auditing: Top Management

Join our webinar series on Best Practices in Auditing. Next up: Best Practices in Auditing: Top Management. Learn about auditing processes, interviews, evaluations, and more with Intertek's Technical Director, Jorge Correa.

Best Practices in Auditing: Organizational Knowledge

Learn about Organizational Knowledge in ISO 9001:2015. Join the webinar with Technical Director Jorge Correa, exploring effective management and auditor considerations for evaluating how organizations handle and utilize their collective and individual experiences to achieve objectives.

Construction Monitoring - Before, During, and After

Watch our free webinar on Construction Monitoring by expert Thomas Valenzano. Learn about risks, pre-construction surveys, monitoring plans, and post-inspections.

Addressing Asbestos and Mold Impacts in Storm Damaged Buildings

Discover how asbestos and mold impact storm-damaged buildings in our on-demand webinar. Learn about addressing environmental contamination and hazardous materials during remediation, managing restoration contractors, working with insurance carriers and FEMA, and the importance of testing and inspection.

Analysis of Additives in Polymers: From Simple to Complex Chemistries - On Demand Webinar

Explore the complexities of polymer additives analysis in our on-demand webinar. Discover essential methods for identifying and quantifying additives in raw materials, solid polymers, and composites. Gain insights into the importance of fit-for-purpose analytical techniques for achieving accurate results.

2016 Year in Review: Consumer Products Regulatory Update

Explore 2016 regulatory changes in Canada, EU, US for consumer products. Our webinar covers EU REACH, US state restrictions, CPSC updates, and more.

A Revised Guidance Document for EU Health Claim Applications - What you need to know

Discover essential insights into the updated EU Health Claim Applications guidance document. Stay informed on key revisions to navigate the process effectively.

31 Flavors of Vibration Webinar

Explore the diverse "flavors" of vibration testing in our webinar, "31 Flavors of Vibration". From single-axis to multi-axis, and beyond, discover when and why each method is essential for your testing program. Topics include field data replication, acoustic test methods, and more.

Adding Value Through Partnered Customized Audit Services

Discover Intertek's Custom Audit Solutions in our one-hour recorded presentation. Our experts detail how these solutions simplify auditing requirements, offering collaborative and tailored approaches. Learn how customized audits evaluate facilities or suppliers to your specific standards, ensuring quality and mitigating risks to your business and brand.

Activewear Performance Testing

The webinar discusses the common performance tests available for activewear, the functional benefits of certain performance properties and the AATCC, ASTM, ISO, BS and JIS standards currently in place.

EMC 4th Edition Basics and Risk Management (RMF) Requirements

The fourth edition of IEC 60601-1-2 includes a number of dramatic changes, including more robust risk analysis requirements. FDA is recommending electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing to IEC 60601-1-2 4th Edition standards, requiring manufacturers to submit test plans and risk analysis documents before testing.

Product Entry Requirements for Canada: Toys and Nursery Products

This webinar provides an overview of CCPSA and discusses the in-depth requirements that toys and nursery products must meet before they are introduced for sale in Canada.

Analytical and Mechanical Properties as it Relates to Medical Devices Webinar

Join us for a webinar on how analytical and mechanical characterization drive the development, manufacturing, and failure analysis of medical devices. Led by Paula McDaniel, PhD, Director of Business Development at Intertek Chemical & Pharmaceuticals, explore the critical role of analytical insight in raw material qualification, reverse engineering, residue identification, and material failure analysis. Gain insights and illustrative examples showcasing the importance of testing throughout the product lifecycle.