Amid Covid and restrictions in many countries, 2021 continues to be a busy year for regulatory activity. This on-demand webinar will recap the important issues that affected the consumer products industry, offering an overview of key US Federal, Canada and EU legislative and regulatory updates over the year, such as:

  • CPSC political updates on Nominations/confirmation of the Commissioners
  • CPSC rules for durable nursery products
  • CPSC upholstered furniture flammability standard
  • Canada formaldehyde in composite wood products
  • Canada Quebec proposal to repeal upholstered and stuffed articles regulations
  • EU updates to toy safety directive
  • EU updates to REACH
  • Brexit 

Our Intertek Softlines and Hardlines technical experts Pratik Ichhaporia, Director of Technical Services and Stella Xingu Li, Technical Manager of Direct Operations are presenting during this webinar. They will walk you through the 2021 US, Canada, EU legislative and regulatory updates.

If you are interested in learning more about global regulation and legislative updates or exploring the launch opportunities for new products, complete the form below to view the recording!