Webinar: How Do You Know Your Storage Tanks are Safe and Reliable?

In this webinar, our Total Quality Assurance experts will delve into the significance of tank maintenance and API 653 specifications, highlighting the technical services essential for ensuring tank reliability, safety, and compliance. We will also cover complementary services like microbiological contamination testing, tank calibration, 3D laser scanning, dimensional control, and mobile inspection data management software to provide a comprehensive overview of tank management solutions.

Analysis of Additives in Polymers: From Simple to Complex Chemistries - On Demand Webinar

Explore the complexities of polymer additives analysis in our on-demand webinar. Discover essential methods for identifying and quantifying additives in raw materials, solid polymers, and composites. Gain insights into the importance of fit-for-purpose analytical techniques for achieving accurate results.

Webinar: Complying with Labelling and Merchandising Rules for E-Commerce

Explore the crucial aspects of complying with food product labelling and merchandising rules for e-commerce in our informative webinar, essential for anyone selling or considering selling food products online to provide clear and compliant information to consumers or buyers.

2016 Year in Review: Consumer Products Regulatory Update

Explore 2016 regulatory changes in Canada, EU, US for consumer products. Our webinar covers EU REACH, US state restrictions, CPSC updates, and more.

Webinar: BRC Packaging and Packaging Materials, Issue 5

BRC Packaging and Packaging Materials, Issue 5, refers to the fifth edition of the BRC standard for the certification of packaging and packaging materials, outlining the requirements and standards that companies in this industry must meet to ensure the safety and quality of their products.

Using Failure Analysis and Forensic Engineering to Determine What Happened

Join our on-demand webinar to delve into the world of asset failure analysis and forensic engineering, uncovering the methods and insights needed to determine the root causes of failures.

A Revised Guidance Document for EU Health Claim Applications - What you need to know

Discover essential insights into the updated EU Health Claim Applications guidance document. Stay informed on key revisions to navigate the process effectively.

Webinar: Ensure Compliance with Labelling Regulations when Importing Food into Brazil and China

Explore the growing importance of food safety and increased regulation of food labelling in China and Brazil in our on-demand webinar. Gain valuable insights into compliance with food labelling requirements, addressing consumer concerns, and meeting the standards set by relevant governmental and non-governmental organizations to ensure product transparency and safety.

Webinar: GMO - The Truth Behind the Myths

For organisations involved in the food supply chain, testing for GMOs can become complex as you can only test for the GMOs that are known to be found. This webinar focuses on answering the many questions surrounding GMO testing and whether or not it is possible to issue a certificate that guarantees that a product is GMO-free.

Advanced Non-Destructive Testing vs Conventional Non-Destructive Testing

This webinar explores the differences and advantages of Advanced Non-Destructive Testing compared to Conventional Non-Destructive Testing techniques.

Adding Value Through Partnered Customized Audit Services

Discover Intertek's Custom Audit Solutions in our one-hour recorded presentation. Our experts detail how these solutions simplify auditing requirements, offering collaborative and tailored approaches. Learn how customized audits evaluate facilities or suppliers to your specific standards, ensuring quality and mitigating risks to your business and brand.

Webinar: Extractables and Leachables Assessment for Inhalation Drug Products

OINDP product formulations (which is primarily a propellant including an organic solvent) have a high potential for the leaching of substances from the inhalation device components. With a focus on metered dose and other inhalation products, this webinar touches on how extractables/leachables studies can be effectively applied to understand how the formulation interacts with the rubber and plastic inhaler device components to ensure a safe inhalation product.

NetPortal Online Training

Learn about NetPortal and its many web-based capabilities including reviewing live results, production of certificates, and registration of routine samples, among other topics.

Outsourcing Stability Studies to Contract Laboratories; Optimising Success

Join our webinar with expert Kerry Bradford as she shares insights on creating effective stability protocols for outsourced studies, covering critical information, in-house knowledge gaps, and sample handling at contract laboratories to ensure smooth operations.

Activewear Performance Testing

The webinar discusses the common performance tests available for activewear, the functional benefits of certain performance properties and the AATCC, ASTM, ISO, BS and JIS standards currently in place.

EMC 4th Edition Basics and Risk Management (RMF) Requirements

The fourth edition of IEC 60601-1-2 includes a number of dramatic changes, including more robust risk analysis requirements. FDA is recommending electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing to IEC 60601-1-2 4th Edition standards, requiring manufacturers to submit test plans and risk analysis documents before testing.

Product Entry Requirements for Canada: Toys and Nursery Products

This webinar provides an overview of CCPSA and discusses the in-depth requirements that toys and nursery products must meet before they are introduced for sale in Canada.

Analytical and Mechanical Properties as it Relates to Medical Devices Webinar

Join us for a webinar on how analytical and mechanical characterization drive the development, manufacturing, and failure analysis of medical devices. Led by Paula McDaniel, PhD, Director of Business Development at Intertek Chemical & Pharmaceuticals, explore the critical role of analytical insight in raw material qualification, reverse engineering, residue identification, and material failure analysis. Gain insights and illustrative examples showcasing the importance of testing throughout the product lifecycle.