Webinar: IEC 63107 Internal Arc Fault Mitigation

Join us for an in-depth exploration of IEC 63107, including the necessity of integrating internal arc fault mitigation systems, a comprehensive overview of the standard's scope, a breakdown of the test requirements specified in IEC 63107, and a practical demonstration of how an internal arc-fault mitigation system functions.

On-Demand Webinar: IEC 61641 Internal Arc Introduction and Overview

Join us for a look into internal arcs, their causes, and consequences, along with comprehensive coverage of the requirements outlined in the IEC 61641 standard.

Webinar On-Demand: ISO/IEC 27001:2022 Transition Policy

Tune in to our webinar featuring expert Stephen Weekley from Intertek, as he discusses the alarming 125% global increase in cyber-attacks in 2021, with indications of a continued rise in 2022, as well as insights into the new ISO/IEC 27001:2022 Information Security Management Systems Standard and the transition policy.

Accelerated Weathering: The What, Why, How, & Where

Explore our on-demand webinar, "Accelerated Weathering: The What, Why, How, & Where" for a comprehensive overview. Our experts delve into UV aging, Xenon Arc exposure, salt spray, temperature exposure, and thermal cycling. Discover the significance, optimization strategies, and how Intertek can assist.

On-Demand Webinar: Interpret Enhanced Inspections of Crude Oil for Refineries

Join our on-demand webinar with Dr. Emma Behjat to explore the importance of enhanced inspections for crude oil, providing refineries with more accurate data for operational decisions. Discover the benefits through a real-life cost-saving case study and learn about the differences between routine and enhanced inspections.

Emerging Electric Motor Technologies Webinar

Udo Muller will discuss the future emerging E-Motor technologies, the challenges facing manufacturers developing electric motors and cooling fluids, as well as the lessons Intertek has learned testing these new products.

2022 State Children’s Products Reporting Rules for Chemicals of Concern

Manufacturers must report Chemicals of Concern (CoC) in children's products, as mandated by state laws. Join us to learn about US state reporting laws, Oregon's Toxic-Free Kids Act Phase 3, New York's COC reporting, and compliance strategies.

RDD 2022 WORKSHOP: Developing Biologics for Respiratory Delivery - Lessons and Examples from the Real World

In a workshop, the focus will be on developing effective nasal and inhaled delivery solutions for biological drug substances targeting respiratory and systemic conditions. Challenges, solutions, and real-world project examples will be discussed.

Air Aware: Healthy Building Mega-Trends and the Renewed Focus on Indoor Air Quality

Attend our complimentary on-demand webinar, "Air Aware: Healthy Building Mega-Trends and the Renewed Focus on Indoor Air Quality" presented by Alan Scott, a renowned expert in sustainability and architecture. Gain insights into the latest trends and strategies for improving indoor air quality in buildings.

31 Flavors of Vibration Webinar

Explore the diverse "flavors" of vibration testing in our webinar, "31 Flavors of Vibration". From single-axis to multi-axis, and beyond, discover when and why each method is essential for your testing program. Topics include field data replication, acoustic test methods, and more.

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