Approach to Battery Failure Analysis

During this complimentary webinar you will see real battery cell failures, learn about our failure analysis techniques, and see the value in having a failure analysis and/or quality assessment study.

Food Hygiene Control Programme Webinar

The increasing number of food-borne incidents has raised consumer awareness and has applied pressure on hotels and restaurants to ensure food safety. This webinar focuses on how businesses can achieve this with a comprehensive food hygiene control programme which helps to manage the risk of food safety incidents and also promote customer care through best practices.

"Bridge to China": Compliance With China's NMPA Requirements

Discover our complimentary on-demand webinar centered on navigating the NMPA regulations governing the export of medical devices to China.

Best Practices in Auditing: Internal Audit

Explore ISO 9001 Auditing Best Practices in our webinar series. Join the upcoming session on Internal Audit Value, where Technical Director Jorge Correa discusses audit processes, risk-based thinking, and utilizing audit insights for continuous improvement in management systems.

Best Practices in Auditing: Statutory and Regulatory Requirements

Join our Best Practices in Auditing webinar series for insights on ISO 9001. Next topic: Statutory and Regulatory Requirements. Technical Director Jorge Correa guides auditors on monitoring, addressing liabilities, and issuing nonconformities. Stay informed for effective audits.

Best Practices in Auditing: External Providers

Join our webinar series on auditing practices. Learn about ISO 9001 compliance in procurement, supply chain risks, and audit techniques.

Best Practices in Auditing: Design and Development

Join our Best Practices in Auditing series for ISO 9001 insights. Next topic: Design and Development audits. Technical Director Jorge Correa discusses the importance of auditing this process, highlights misconceptions, and provides examples for effective quality management. Stay informed for smoother audits.

Best Practices in Auditing: Top Management

Join our webinar series on Best Practices in Auditing. Next up: Best Practices in Auditing: Top Management. Learn about auditing processes, interviews, evaluations, and more with Intertek's Technical Director, Jorge Correa.

Best Practices in Auditing: Organizational Knowledge

Learn about Organizational Knowledge in ISO 9001:2015. Join the webinar with Technical Director Jorge Correa, exploring effective management and auditor considerations for evaluating how organizations handle and utilize their collective and individual experiences to achieve objectives.

DeepView 3D Webinar

Discover how Intertek's DeepView 3D solution combines cutting-edge technology with expert inspection services to deliver thorough 3D results, offering a profound understanding of asset condition. This solution establishes a higher standard for condition-based assessments, contributing to equipment safety and reliability tracking, and enabling smarter decision-making through enhanced inspections.