Understand Your Obligations to be Compliant With Poison Centre Notification (PCN) by 01 January 2025

If you are a manufacturer, importer, downstream user and/or distributor, join this webinar to understand your obligations to be compliant with PCN according to CLP Regulation in Europe!

From Fiber to Fashion: Simplifying Sustainability with Life Cycle Assessment(LCA) and Traceability

Discover how Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Traceability can reshape the textile industry towards sustainability. Get actionable insights from the industry experts into how LCA and traceability can simplify sustainability efforts and drive positive change across the fashion value chain.

K-REACH Joint Registration

Join us for an explanation of the requirement for joint registration and we'll share our registration experience.


Join us for an essential webinar update on the latest regulatory developments affecting non-Turkish companies seeking KKDIK REACH coverage for their Turkish customers.

Safety Assessment of NIAS and NLS in Food Contact Material in EU

During this webinar, our Pharmacist Toxicologist will explain the requirements applicable for these substances and the toxicological approach needed to ensure the safe use of the plastics containing them.

Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS) Certification

This webinar focuses on the BIS certification process, BIS schemes, and how we can support our clients to obtain BIS certification.

Webinar: From Screening Methods to Validated Target Methods for Extractables and Leachables Studies

Insight into method development for extractables and leachables studies

Webinar: Sustainable Approaches in Analytical Method Development

Dr. J Susanne Becker discusses sustainable analytical methods for pharmaceutical impurity determination in drug products and devices.

Per-and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS)

Our webinar will cover how to comply with the PFAS Reporting Rule starting November 2024, including the review of the US PFAS Roadmap, and State Regulations. Our experts will also provide a review of the proposed Canadian PFAS rule.

Regulation 2022/1616/EC on Recycled Plastics for Food Contact Use: What is New Since Entry in Force in 2022?

EU Reg 2022/1616 on recycled plastics for food contact came into force on Oct 10, 2022. Stay updated on Commission and Authority guidance. Learn to submit dossiers for recycled plastic use in Europe.

Chemical Data Reporting Rule (CDR)

Our complimentary webinar will teach you how to comply with the Chemical Date Reporting Rule starting June 2024, including changes in the EPA's Central Data Exchange (CDX) required submission.

Webinar Download | Using Risk Based Compliance to Tackle Global Moving Targets

Discover the value of implementing risk-based compliance strategies in your company to navigate the evolving landscape of regulated substances, including insights on integrating them into your quality management system, amidst ongoing updates to REACH Regulation, PFAS regulations, and other emerging areas.

RDD 2022 WORKSHOP: Developing Biologics for Respiratory Delivery - Lessons and Examples from the Real World

In a workshop, the focus will be on developing effective nasal and inhaled delivery solutions for biological drug substances targeting respiratory and systemic conditions. Challenges, solutions, and real-world project examples will be discussed.

Webinar: AIM Pipeline Direct Assessment

Explore how the Direct Assessment (DA) process can assess petroleum, gas, and multi-phase pipeline integrity for regulatory compliance in our on-demand webinar. Receive informed technical guidance to maximize value and meet statutory obligations.

On Demand Webinar | Particulate Contamination Analysis in Pharmaceuticals

Particulate contamination in pharmaceuticals raised safety concerns, leading to numerous recalls. Dr. Stefan Heck will discuss identification challenges and regulatory strategies in a webinar, showcasing suitable test strategies through case studies.

Translating Inhaled and Nasal Technologies for Biologic Drug Delivery

Inhaled and nasal delivery has specific advantages as a delivery platform outside of its traditional use for asthma/COPD and seasonal rhinitis/sinusitis however inhaled and nasal targets can offer advantages for the delivery of therapeutic biologics in the context of a shifting landscape for drug delivery.

Best Practices in Auditing: Internal Audit

Explore ISO 9001 Auditing Best Practices in our webinar series. Join the upcoming session on Internal Audit Value, where Technical Director Jorge Correa discusses audit processes, risk-based thinking, and utilizing audit insights for continuous improvement in management systems.

Best Practices in Auditing: Statutory and Regulatory Requirements

Join our Best Practices in Auditing webinar series for insights on ISO 9001. Next topic: Statutory and Regulatory Requirements. Technical Director Jorge Correa guides auditors on monitoring, addressing liabilities, and issuing nonconformities. Stay informed for effective audits.

Best Practices in Auditing: Top Management

Join our webinar series on Best Practices in Auditing. Next up: Best Practices in Auditing: Top Management. Learn about auditing processes, interviews, evaluations, and more with Intertek's Technical Director, Jorge Correa.

Best Practices in Auditing: Organizational Knowledge

Learn about Organizational Knowledge in ISO 9001:2015. Join the webinar with Technical Director Jorge Correa, exploring effective management and auditor considerations for evaluating how organizations handle and utilize their collective and individual experiences to achieve objectives.

Adding Value Through Partnered Customized Audit Services

Discover Intertek's Custom Audit Solutions in our one-hour recorded presentation. Our experts detail how these solutions simplify auditing requirements, offering collaborative and tailored approaches. Learn how customized audits evaluate facilities or suppliers to your specific standards, ensuring quality and mitigating risks to your business and brand.