Right to know legislation allows for individuals to make informed decisions. Such legislation has long been in the occupational and labor space, to ensure workers are aware of potential hazards in the workplace and, with support from employers, can take actions to ensure their safety. However, for the current webinar, the focus will be on California Proposition 65, aka Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act and the recent California Right to Know for Cleaning Products Act. Unlike labour regulations, the focus of these Acts is the consumers, and the information to be shared allows the consumer to make informed decisions on whether or not they want to purchase relevant products. These legislation often require a higher degree of transparency but there are still means to ensure confidential business information. For each of these two Acts, Intertek will provide information on the development and original intent of the Act, the means for a company to comply with the Act without disclosing essential business information, upcoming changes to the Acts, and how they are enforced.

12 September 2024 | 10am EDT, 2pm GMT, 4pm CEST

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