Xenon weatherability testing is a critical process in the transportation industry, particularly for materials and components exposed to the environment. This testing simulates the effects of sunlight, temperature, and moisture, using xenon arc lamps to produce a spectrum of light that closely resembles natural sunlight. The aim is to rapidly assess how materials will age and degrade when exposed to various weather conditions over time.

For engineers, understanding xenon weatherability testing is crucial. Materials used in vehicles, aircraft, and marine equipment must withstand diverse and often harsh weather conditions. Xenon weatherability testing helps in predicting the lifespan, durability, and appearance retention of these materials, ensuring safety, reliability, and aesthetic appeal over time.

In this short, on-demand webinar Intertek experts cover a variety of topics, including:

  • What is Xenon Weathering?
  • Why Should You Care?
  • Key Parameters of Xenon Weathering
  • Different Types of Equipment
  • And more!

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