Join us for a free, on-demand webinar on EMC Basics. This high-level presentation will focus on electronic subassemblies, what type of products need EMC testing, along with some of the regulations and standards.

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) ensures electronic devices, equipment and systems operate properly without causing or being disrupted from electromagnetic interference (EMI). It involves managing emissions - both conducted and radiated - to prevent interference with other devices and enhancing immunity to withstand external electromagnetic disturbances. Testing for EMC is essential for the seamless functioning of electronic systems, ensuring they coexist without disrupting each other's operations.

During the presentation, some of the many topics to be covered include:

  • Several common EMC definitions
  • EMC test breakdown
  • What needs EMC testing?
  • EMC regulations in the US and EU
  • Automotive, Aerospace and Military EMC overviews
  • And more!

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