Intertek will ensure a smooth CE Marking process of your military products.

Intertek is an accredited, trusted, world leading provider of EMC and Safety testing services to commercial and military standards. Our experts can quickly conduct a GAP Analysis to help you identify what else is needed to meet the CE Marking obligation. We can then recommend an appropriate test plan and work in partnership with you to complete the compliance process to ensure that access isn’t compromised in terms of time and expenses.

In Europe CE Marking is required for every military product unless it can be ultimately proven to the European Commission that it is essential to national defense (Article 296). The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has issued statements to make it very clear that military equipment does not have a blanket exemption. As a supply to the MoD directly, Prime Contractors, or any system integrators within the overall supply chain, CE marking must be considered within the overall testing and approvals process.

Many manufacturers of these ‘non-essential’ products will now have to take steps to ensure that existing products being sold in the EU, and products in development but destined for that market, conform to the CE Marking requirements in addition to the military/ aerospace/ defence and MoD legislative and contractual requirements. This essentially means understanding and meeting commercial EMC and Safety requirements. Without this compliance, your market access could be delayed or denied.

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