Regulatory & Safety Assessment of Cosmetic Packaging in Europe

Intertek provides comprehensive support to the cosmetic products industry to ensure the safety considerations of your packaging material are met.

Packaging is fundamental to the design and manufacture of any cosmetic product. The Cosmetic Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009, supported by the recommendations of Cosmetics Europe, sets forth essential regulatory requirements to address the safety of packaging when used for cosmetic products.

According to the Cosmetic Regulation, “a cosmetic product made available on the market shall be safe for human health when used under normal or reasonably foreseeable conditions of use” (3rd article).


Regulatory and Safety Solutions

In the assessment of a cosmetic product, the human health impact from migration and leaching of chemical substances from the packaging material must be considered. Our team of qualified toxicologists, pharmacists and regulatory experts are here to help. We can review packaging material and design a suitable analytical testing and safety assessment plan with the objective to meet the important safety requirements of the regulation. The proposed approach is based on:

  • Compliance of the materials with food contact Regulations (Regulation No (EC) 1935/2004 and Regulation No (EC) 10/2011)
  • Toxicological assessment of substances of concern present in the packaging, such as banned or restricted substances under the Cosmetic Regulation and CMR substances as well as substances classified as skin sensitizers
  • Composition of the final formula and use of the cosmetic product

We develop strategic and detailed scientific and regulatory compliance plans based on product composition, chemical properties and scientific findings.


Analytical Solutions

Intertek’s analytical solutions can meet both the requirements of the current cosmetics regulation as well as your expectations for quality, safety, efficiency and performance. Our solutions include:

  • Characterization of packaging materials: Identification of material by IR and DSC, qualitative screening of additives (volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds) by Soxhlet-GC / MS, research of inorganic elements by ICP-MS in case of colored packaging
  • Realization of studies in accelerated conditions: Content-container interactions, stability and compatibility studies of the formula with the packaging (organoleptic pack), comparative analysis between formulas in contact and without contact with the packaging



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