Laboratory Outsourcing FAQs

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Questions and answers regarding lab outsourcing:

What is laboratory outsourcing?

Lab outsourcing usually involves an independent testing company assuming quality control testing, R&D, or other analytical services associated with an in-house laboratory. The outsourced lab is often located at or near industrial sites, such as manufacturing plants, chemical plants, refineries, corporate research centers, food processors, mining and other business.

Often the existing laboratory, staff and instrumentation are transferred to Intertek and continue to provide the same services as before outsourcing. In other situations the location is moved. In all cases the services are provided at a lower total-cost to the customer.

What are the benefits of outsourcing laboratory services?

Laboratory outsourcing saves total cost, investment and manpower. In-house laboratory functions are characterized by relatively high fixed costs, high capital investment and associated benefits and salaries, with assets and manpower are usually under-utilized.

Excess capacity, under-utilized and expensive instrumentation and minimum-shift requirements create excess costs for an in-house lab. Rising lab costs and under-utilization rates are eliminated, reduced or rationalized if the operation is outsourced to an laboratory testing service provider like Intertek. Additional benefits from lab outsourcing include greater laboratory productivity and improved service and performance.

Why can Intertek provide a lower total cost for testing services?

In most cases, Intertek operates independent laboratories which accept work from a wide range of customers. This means the lab utilization rate is much higher than for a captive in-house laboratory, driving testing efficiency up and the cost-per-test down. Capital investment in modern analytical instrumentation by Intertek translates into a lower per-test cost. We can use the same instrument for multiple clients, increasing efficiency. 

What Industries are outsourcing laboratory services?

Industries taking advantage of laboratory outsourcing testing services include chemical, consumer product, petroleum refining, exploration & production, catalyst and pharmaceutical sectors. 

What Companies and Institutions are outsourcing laboratory services?

Major laboratory outsourcing projects for Rolls-Royce, Unilever, Citgo Oil, Dow Chemical, BP, Procter & Gamble, BASF, TotalFinaElf, Royal Dutch Shell, Irving Oil, Governments and others are operated and managed by Intertek. These projects are located throughout the world. 

What kinds of testing are being outsourced?

Testing outsourced includes product quality control, technical support, trouble-shooting, research development, process, on-line analyzer, and measurement science services. Industry and company-specific testing methodologies are used. Intertek can design an optimal laboratory outsource solution to fit our client’s technical and analytical requirements. 

Where are Industries outsourcing laboratories?

Companies are outsourcing labs on a global basis. Our experience demonstrates that Laboratory Outsourcing is a serious option being adopted or considered in virtually every major industrial region of the world. Europe, The Americas, and Asia Pacific all have companies that have awarded projects or want to begin outsourcing laboratory functions. 

Is Laboratory Outsourcing right for my company?

Determining if your in-house laboratory is a good candidate for lab outsourcing requires careful evaluation. Intertek includes an international team of seasoned laboratory professionals with years of expertise in both lab outsourcing and in running analytical testing laboratories. They work with our clients to determine if laboratory outsourcing is viable option. The same team then manages the process for a successful outsourcing project. 

How do I get started?

Contact us to begin. Ask for Global Laboratory Outsourcing Services. All enquiries are handled confidentially. 

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