Laboratory Benchmarking - Lab Manager Magazine Article

Intertek's Niek Klooster is interviewed by Lab Manager Magazine on Laboratory Benchmarking practices and challenges in "The Devil in the Details".

The Lab Manager Magazine's article by Bernard Tulsi, "The Devil in the Details" was published on January 29, 2011.

Short excerpts from the article are included below. To read a full version of this informative article, "The Devil in the Details", please visit the Lab Manager Magazine article on their website. A special thanks is given to Mr. Tulsi and Lab Manager Magazine for allowing Intertek to share this article with our readers.

Excerpts from "The Devil in the Details" lab benchmarking article:  

For most laboratories, "Benchmarking is always an issue, and it is not as simple as it sounds,” says Niek Klooster, senior global consultant to laboratory management and benchmarking with Intertek. Part of the reason is that labs have quite different backgrounds, functions and objectives, and these differences make it difficult to compare them in an objective, like-to-like manner. 

Klooster says, “Lab managers should not be afraid of benchmarking. I see fear at the beginning of each project with laboratory directors. They are afraid of having the discussion because they believe the benchmarking results will cause everything in their labs to change—and they don’t want that.”

Typically, laboratory benchmarking involves a short study, which could take as long as a week, during which there are discussions about the organization, its quality, information technology (IT) and maintenance, among other subjects. “After collecting a variety of data on the number of tests and methods, and on different protocols, a report is generated for the management of the company,” says Klooster. 

Among the top reasons for benchmarking laboratories are to improve quality, to satisfy payer, regulatory and accreditation requirements, and to enhance the competitive position of companies. These are perennial goals, according to Klooster. Niek is based in the Netherlands, and has served as chairman of the Dutch Laboratory Managers Association. 

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