Webinar: The New MDD for Medical Device Manufacturers


Webinar: The New MDD for Medical Device Manufacturers

The Medical Device Directive (MDD) was revised in 2007 to include many new and increased requirements. Starting March 21, 2010, all devices need to comply with the new requirements. But because the MDD is a lengthy legal document, it can be difficult to pinpoint the changes.

In this one-hour recorded webinar, Intertek's Technical Manager, Systems Certification - UK, will lead you through these changes and identify the new and revised requirements that will directly impact you, such as:

  • Labeling of devices containing phthalates
  • Reprocessing and labeling of sterile, single-use devices
  • Notified Body review of technical documentation
  • Validation of software - regardless of the device class
  • Archiving for implantable devices

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NOTE: This webinar is intended for expansion of knowledge only, and is not Intertek's endorsement or recommendation of particular methods. Completion of a webinar does not indicate Intertek or third-party qualification.