Accelerated Stress Testing for Medical Devices

Accelerated Stress Testing (AST) from Intertek can save time and also lead to quantum improvements in the quality of your medical products.

To keep up with the fast-paced medical industry, device manufacturers must develop high-quality products under tight schedules. AST allows the medical device engineer to focus quickly on real issues, gain insights, uncover non-intuitive interactions, try solutions, and produce leading edge quality on leading edge technology.

Our AST solutions include:

AST can be applied to many types of medical devices including: 

Ambulance cots and accessories
Imaging devices
Hospital beds and other furniture
Irrigation devices
Biotech devices
Micro power tools
Heavy-duty power tools
Blood salvage and re-infusion devices
Navigation devices
Booms and lights
Pain management devices
Consumer medical devices
Personal protection equipment
Stair chairs
Cutting accessories
Stretchers Emergency equipment
Video and video accessories
Waste management equipment
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