Knowledge Portal: Intertek Verified Service

How to upgrade your business with verification?

Thousands to millions of vendors are in your choice, you need an easy & cost effective way to make sure the best qualified one is picked, so, who could help?

The Exclusive Verifier: Intertek Verified Service

Intertek’s verification service is precise and accurate, we enable global buyers to make brand-building decisions, enhances suppliers’ creditability and attractions to buyers. Intertek Verified Service has exclusively partnered with the HKTDC to offer the accurate verification service for a wide range of manufacturers, suppliers and exporters across the world.

Broad ranges of certificates in our service include: GSV, ETL, GS, WRAP, ICTI etc. We verify different certificates from across the world and the in-house accredited bodies. Once the certificate in question is verified successfully, we offer an ‘Intertek Verified Mark’ placing directly on the company page of suppliers on HKTDC online marketplace. To learn more, please go to:

Our Advantages:

  • For Buyers
    • Save time in identifying the validity of certificate
    • Save time in sourcing new vendors and production parties
  • For Suppliers
    • Highly differentiate themselves with IVS mark to enhance the   competitiveness in market
    • Signifying themselves to buyers for their updated and accurate certificates

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