To facilitate global trade and manage risk in regulated environments, an audit is necessary to comply with regulations to ensure the quality of products and services is as advertised needs frequent audits.

Inview | Remote Auditing Solution

Remote auditing offers greater flexibility and a more sustainable alternative to traditional assessments, reducing time, travel, and expenses while also improving the quality and detail of audit reports. Intertek Inview is a remote audit solution to help organizations conduct more efficient and safer audits.

GTS Remote Inspection with Inview

In addition to remote audits, Inview can be used similarly to complete remote inspections. Inview connects you with Intertek’s extensive network of technical inspection experts via live video and has been designed to provide you with better and faster access to Intertek’s team of qualified technical inspection experts – wherever and whenever required. Inview can reduce inspection turnaround time while providing peace of mind that your inspection is performed to the highest standards.

Remote auditing provides increased flexibility and presents a more eco-friendly option compared to conventional assessment methods. It not only saves time, minimizes travel, and cuts expenses but also enhances the overall quality and depth of audit reports.

Intertek has introduced Inview, a remote audit solution designed to assist organizations in conducting audits with greater efficiency and safety. Utilizing a lightweight harness equipped with video and audio capabilities, you can engage remotely with a certified auditor. This enables them to assess your facility, conduct interviews, and review essential documentation in real time, mirroring the experience of an in-person visit to your organization.

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