ISO 39001 certification enables your organisation to work more effectively with the road traffic systems with the goal of reducing injuries and deaths caused by traffic accidents.

The ISO 39001:2012 standard outlines the requirements for a Road Traffic Safety management system (RTS). This standard enables organisations that work with road traffic systems to reduce serious injuries and death caused by road traffic accidents. According to the World Health Organisation, injuries related to road traffic accidents are the eighth leading cause of death globally, with an estimated 1.3+ million traffic-related deaths every year.

Certification to the ISO 39001:2012 standard will help your organisation implement your company’s road safety management system objectives and action plans within your operations. Intertek can provide the resources and services necessary to reduce insurance and operational costs, as well as strengthen public safety by minimizing traffic accidents.

In addition to ISO 39001 auditing and certification, Intertek offers introduction seminars covering the development of the standard, who the standard would apply to, and the implementation.

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