iEnable is a web-based audit management system that will help your organisation manage your audit process in one interactive online portal.

The Client Portal interface of iEnable allows you to easily view your upcoming visits, securely download your audit reports, submit corrective actions, and view certificates in real time. iEnable gives more control and access to the audit process to your organisation.

Having more than one site certified? iEnable is built to support a hierarchal company structure where access to the Portal can be granted by site, this means that your primary quality manager will have access to view, download, and contribute on all levels of the organisation, where a site level user only access data for their own site.

Client Portal Features:

  • Data Analysis: Displays an analytical view of the data in various formats through graphs and tables, captured from audit findings and the Intertek Maturity Model. This information enables the organisation to see where their business ranks in relation to similar organisations in their industry and compare the results between the different sites in case of multi-site structure.

  • Certificates: Lists all of your certificates that are in “Draft” or “Active” status. In order to make it easier for a multi-site client to find certificates for a certain country or site, we have added search options that when run, will return only certificates that meet the search settings. 

  • Corrective Actions: Displays all Corrective Actions that belong to your company. From here you can view, respond to, and upload documents as well as export all open or closed Corrective Actions. 

  • Audit Reports: Allows you to view and download your audit reports. 

  • Current Schedule: Lists all of your upcoming visits that have been added in the system. From here you can easily see the scheduling status or planned or tentative audit dates as agreed with Intertek. 

  • Change Request and Request for Information allows you to submit to your Account Manager change requests and requests for information via the Portal.

Intertek Audit Report produced out of iEnable includes the following Value added information for your organisation:

  • SWOT Analysis: An executive-level summary used to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to a business as observed during the audit process. The focus is directed on risks to the business, linkages to the strategic initiatives, and return on investment. It also helps senior management easily identify areas that are working well and areas that could use improvements. 
  • Benchmarking: iEnable also incorporates the concept of benchmarking into the executive summary. It uses variable data to rank the maturity levels of the various management systems. This feature will allow executive management to measure their own improvements based on past audit results by providing an output that is easy to understand while highlighting high level priorities that need to be improved.
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