16 Feb 2023

AMPP Annual Conference + Expo 2023
March 19-23, 2023
Colorado Convention Center Denver, CO
Booth: 1753 

The world’s largest corrosion and coatings conference and exposition, AMPP Annual Conference + Expo brings together thousands of decision makers and industry professionals from 60+ countries.

This event provides a global platform for industry experts and peers to share knowledge, network, and learn about the latest best practices, insights and innovations relating to material and asset protection and performance.

Corrosion and material degradation is a significant and costly issue across many industry sectors, resulting in downtime, loss of productivity and safety issues. At Intertek we have developed industry-leading technical services to mitigate these problems and we look forward to helping solve the challenges you face.

Visit us at booth #1753 to learn more about our services and how they can help you with your corrosion management initiatives.  In attendance will be experts from Intertek’s Westport Technology Center team based in Houston, TX and Intertek’s Production & Integrity Assurance team based in Manchester, UK.   

Contact Henderson Watkins to schedule at-event meetings or learn more about Intertek's solutions.  

We invite you to also join us at the following presentations authored and co-authored by Intertek experts.

During the Sweet & Sour Corrosion Symposium, Steve Hodges, Principal Engineer, Intertek Product & Integrity Assurance (P&IA), will present "Incorporating Monte Carlo Analysis into a State-Of-The-Art Corrosion Prediction System".  The presentation will be given on March 22 at 9:25AM in rooms 705 & 707.  

Presentation Summary:
The development of corrosion prediction software systems over the years has concentrated on scalar analysis, that is, using fixed input values to develop a single output parameter (corrosion rate). However, it has also been recognized that in real life situations, input parameters are not fixed and also that any algorithm will have a degree of uncertainty (prediction error). Current approaches addressing uncertainty and sensitivity analysis are valid but can be time consuming. In order to provide both a more efficient and rigorous approach, one of the leading corrosion prediction software packages (ECE™) used in the oil & gas industry (with respect to downhole, pipelines and pipework) has been expanded to include Monte Carlo analysis. This paper describes the Monte Carlo approach adopted, considers the practical (engineering) implication of the distribution results and compares the output to more traditional sensitivity approaches. 

Steve Hodges is a Chartered Engineer and a Member of the Institute of Materials Minerals & Mining. Steve started his corrosion career in NZ undertaking corrosion consultancy and contract research before joining CAPCIS, now Intertek P&IA, in Manchester, UK. Over a 20-year period Steve has consulted to the oil & gas, petro-chemical, mining and power generation industries in some 18 countries, and was a guest lecturer on Corrosion Management and RBI at the University of Manchester’s MSc course for 8 years. Steve works predominantly in the areas of: corrosion modelling, corrosion / integrity management, materials selection and fitness for service.

Richard Woollam, Intertek Corrosion Program Manager, has also co-authored numerous papers that will be presented during the expo and conference. We hope you will join us!

  •  “Numerical Exploration of a Comprehensive Mechanistic CO2 Corrosion Model Part I: Influence of Temperature, Pressure and Bulk pH”
  • “Numerical Exploration of a Comprehensive Mechanistic CO2 Corrosion Model Part II: Influence of Hydrodynamics and Bulk pH”
  • “Characterizing the Evolution of Iron Carbonate in a Demanding CO2 Environment Using a Combined Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy and Linear Polarization Resistance Approach”
  • “Correlating Physical Chemistry with Interfacial Properties: Effect of Salinity on the Partitioning, Distribution and Performance of a Quaternary Amine Corrosion Inhibitor”

Richard Woollam earned both BSc and MSc degrees in Chemical Engineering from The University of Manchester.  Richard began his career and spent the next 30 years with British Petroleum in a variety of roles including Senior Advisor Corrosion Technology and Management.  He is currently the Corrosion Program Manager at Intertek – Westport Technology Center.  In addition, Richard maintains a full schedule including serving as Senior Visiting Researcher and Industrial Mentor at the University of Leeds as well as occasional Guest Lecturer at the University of Houston.  Richard has published extensively throughout his career with a focus on addressing significant corrosion challenges in industry while promoting practical solutions.