At Intertek, we are committed to providing comprehensive flood-related services and ensuring the safety and resilience of structures against natural disasters. Our team of experts is dedicated to delivering accurate, reliable, and timely results, empowering our clients to make informed decisions, and protecting lives and property.

As weather patterns become increasingly unpredictable, the demand for comprehensive Flood Protection System Testing has surged. Intertek's team of Experts is committed to providing testing services that safeguard vulnerable properties, flood zones, transit systems, public housing, and new condominiums against the devastating effects of floods and hurricanes.

Benefits of Flood Testing

Flood testing offers several key benefits. It can reveal hidden leaks and weaknesses within flood protection systems, allowing for proactive repairs that prevent extensive damage. Testing also identifies opportunities to optimize system performance. Ultimately, knowing your flood protection system has been rigorously tested offers invaluable peace of mind for property owners and occupants.

Due to recent severe weather patterns, flood protection system testing is crucial for ensuring preparedness against floods and hurricanes, the most common natural disaster in the United States. Download our complimentary fact sheet to learn more.

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Compliance with NFIP Requirements

The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) sets standards to reduce the risk of flood damage within participating communities. To maintain eligibility for flood insurance through NFIP, communities must adopt and enforce floodplain management regulations. These regulations address building elevation, construction materials, and development restrictions in high-risk flood zones.

Property owners that comply with NFIP requirements must adhere to these floodplain management regulations. This adherence may influence how and where properties are constructed.

For more information on the NFIP and floodplain management requirements, please visit the NFIP website at

Reduced Risk for Building Product Manufacturers

Third-party testing, like that offered by Intertek, provides building product manufacturers with signed and sealed test reports. These reports offer critical risk reduction for manufacturers by demonstrating rigorous testing and compliance with performance standards. This helps to protect manufacturers from liability, enhances their reputation in the market, improves product development, and eases project approvals. Ultimately, investing in testing helps building product manufacturers create more reliable and reputable products, reducing long-term business risks.

Product Testing and Witnessing

Intertek offers a variety of product testing and witnessing services to building product manufacturers. These services are crucial for ensuring that products meet specified performance criteria, building codes, and industry standards. Independent testing substantiates performance claims, giving manufacturers a competitive edge. Potential design weaknesses or manufacturing defects can be identified early in the process through testing, preventing costly recalls or field failures.

Successful testing leads to faster certification and approvals, translating into faster time-to-market and revenue generation. Third-party testing builds confidence in manufacturers' products among builders, contractors, and end-users while helping products stand out from the competition based on quality, performance, and reliability.

Types of Flood Testing Services

Intertek's flood testing services are essential for building product manufacturers seeking to ensure compliance, minimize flood risks, and demonstrate product durability. Our comprehensive testing ensures that your flood protection products can withstand the demands of real-world flood conditions.

  • Flood Barrier Testing: Validates the integrity and effectiveness of flood barriers in resisting floodwaters.
  • Flood "Bathtub" Testing: Simulates real-world flooding conditions to assess the watertightness of structures and systems.
  • Hydrostatic Leak Testing: Determines the ability of materials and systems to withstand water pressure, ensuring their leak-resistant properties.
  • Spray Nozzle Testing (AAMA 501.2): Evaluates the water resistance of windows and doors against water penetration.
  • Chalk Testing: Verifies the airtightness and watertightness of seals and gaskets.
  • Design Chamber, Test Procedure, Construction Bathtub: Comprehensive testing of flood protection systems in a controlled environment.
  • Operational Testing: Assesses the functionality of sealing mechanisms, hinges, latches, anchors, and alignment.
  • 4ft Water Head Testing: Simulates the pressure exerted by a 4-foot column of water, ensuring system integrity under extreme conditions.
  • Field Testing for Water Containment: Verification of water containment effectiveness in real-world scenarios

Flood Related Products Tested

Intertek works with manufacturers to test flood-related products to ensure they meet critical flood protection standards and regulations. Proper flood protection measures are crucial to mitigating flood damage and keeping buildings and their occupants safe. Intertek offers a comprehensive range of testing services to evaluate a variety of products designed to protect buildings from floodwater intrusion, including:

  • Vent Covers: Ensuring proper closure and watertightness of ventilation systems.
  • Flood/ Marine Doors: Evaluating watertight integrity and functionality in marine and flood-prone environments.
  • Flood Hatches: Verifying the watertightness and functionality of hatches.
  • Mechanical Closure Devices: Assessment of the performance and reliability of mechanical closure systems
  • Stop Logs: Validating the effectiveness of stop logs in preventing water intrusion.
  • Flood Protection Devices: Comprehensive testing of various flood protection systems, including panels, barriers, shields, and fences.
  • Watertight Emergency Egress Hatches: Ensuring the proper functioning of emergency egress hatches in flood conditions.
  • Trench Drain Plugs: Evaluating the efficacy of trench drain plugs in preventing water infiltration.
  • Stairwell Protection Devices: Testing the effectiveness of stairwell protection systems in preventing water damage.

Intertek’s Natural Disaster Services to Assist Adjusters   

Intertek offers a comprehensive suite of services to assist independent adjusters following natural disasters. Their team of experts can be deployed quickly to asses damage, determine cause, and provide recommendations for repair or replacement. Intertek also provides a quick reference inspection sheet to streamline the claims processing process.  Services for adjusters include:

  • Technical Resource: Intertek’s specialists act as a technical resource for independent adjusters, helping them identify the location and cause of damage.
  • Quick Reference Inspection Sheet: Intertek provides a concise inspection sheet to independent adjusters, facilitating efficient claims processing.
  • Experience and Expertise: Intertek’s team possesses specialized training in damage evaluation, determining cause, and recommending repairs or replacements.
  • Consulting and Follow Up: Intertek offers continued support and consulting after inspections to aid with further claims assessment and forensic evaluation processes.

Additional Water-Related Services

Beyond direct flood protection, building product manufacturers and the construction industry face many challenges related to water infiltration and management. These challenges can range from ensuring the water resistance of building materials to managing water usage efficiency in facilities. Intertek offers a comprehensive suite of services to support manufacturers and the construction industry in addressing these challenges:

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From rigorous testing to compliance guidance, Intertek provides comprehensive services to ensure your flood protection products and systems stand up to the most extreme events. We understand the importance of reliable protection for building owners, occupants, and the surrounding communities. Our team of experts can help you navigate testing standards, streamline compliance, and develop products that offer superior flood resilience.

Contact our flood protection specialists and find out how Intertek can support your product development testing and certification goals.