As a globally recognized leader in testing, inspection, and certification, Intertek is dedicated to helping biodiesel producers, suppliers, and users meet the highest standards of product quality and regulatory requirements.

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At Intertek, we understand the critical role that biodiesel plays in the renewable energy landscape. Our state-of-the-art laboratories and experienced scientists offer a wide range of testing services that ensure the quality, performance, and safety of biodiesel products.

Intertek has the world's most expansive network of biodiesel laboratory testing facilities. Our comprehensive testing portfolio encompasses a spectrum of services, including meticulous quality control of biodiesel fuel, thorough assessments of blending effectiveness, rigorous scrutiny of fuel contamination concerns, confirmation of product excellence, meticulous trace residual analysis, and a wide array of other essential tests.

  • Quality Analysis: Our advanced analytical techniques allow us to assess the key quality parameters of biodiesel, such as viscosity, density, acidity, and moisture content. These analyses ensure that your biodiesel product meets the necessary specifications for commercial use.
  • Blending Verification: Accurate blending of biodiesel with conventional diesel is crucial for achieving desired performance and emissions standards. Intertek's testing verifies the correct blending ratios, ensuring optimal fuel consistency.
  • Contaminant Detection: We employ cutting-edge technology to detect contaminants that may negatively impact biodiesel quality and performance. Our tests identify impurities like water, metals, and organic residues, helping you maintain the purity of your product.
  • Oxidation Stability: Biodiesel's susceptibility to oxidation can impact shelf life and overall quality. Our oxidation stability testing helps predict the product's storage stability, preventing potential issues in distribution and use.
  • Cold Flow Properties: Biodiesel's ability to perform in cold temperatures is essential for year-round use. Our tests evaluate cloud point, pour point, and cold filter plugging point to ensure proper cold flow performance.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Our experts are well-versed in the ever-evolving regulations governing biodiesel production and use. We offer compliance testing to ensure that your biodiesel meets regional and international standards, facilitating market access.

Intertek's Biodiesel Testing Services are backed by our team of knowledgeable experts who are dedicated to supporting your product's success. Whether you're a biodiesel manufacturer, distributor, or end user, our collaborative approach ensures that you receive accurate results and actionable insights.

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