Enhancing Algae-Based Biofuel Production: Intertek's Expertise in Quality Testing and R&D Support

Intertek, a leader in quality and safety solutions, offers comprehensive testing and development services for algae-based biofuels. Our expertise in algae biofuel quality assessment and component analysis ensures the highest standards for materials derived from algae. At Intertek, we are dedicated to supporting our clients' research and production efforts, ensuring efficiency in R&D, and mitigating risks associated with contaminated or substandard biofuels.

Our innovative approach includes leveraging waste-stream CO2 from industrial sources to foster algae growth, a key step in producing ethanol and biodiesel of fuel-grade quality. Intertek's state-of-the-art biofuel laboratories are equipped to advance algae biofuel research and development, featuring an array of sophisticated analytical testing capabilities.

Algae biofuel testing support

  • Micro-algae Growth Rate Analysis under specific conditions, akin to corrosion testing
  • Optimization of Nutrient Effects to enhance oil content in algae
  • Silicon Content Assessment in algae
  • Comprehensive CHNO (Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen) Analysis
  • Determination of Metals Content in Algae
  • Total Oil Content Measurement in Algae
  • Detailed Composition Analysis of Algae Oil, including metals and triglycerides
  • Advanced Research and Development Expertise
  • Quality Control Solutions for Algae Farming and Manufacturing
  • Pilot Plant Evaluations for Transforming Algae Oil into Jet and Diesel Fuels
  • Biocrude Delayed-Coking Process Testing
  • Analysis of Biofuel Jet Fuel and Diesel Products

Biofuels testing

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